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Funding Weatherproof Outerwear

OMO _8Many people are interested in technical weatherproof outerwear. A lot of outerwear fails to really keep out the moisture even though it was supposed to protect people from the rain. The weatherproof outerwear that actually works is often very uncomfortable. People who are lucky enough to find weatherproof outerwear that is both effective and comfortable will often struggle to find weatherproof outerwear that also manages to be appropriately stylish. Todd Listwin’s Kickstarter campaign is all about trying to provide people with a product that will actually fill this need, which will truly make all the difference for people who spend a lot of time outdoors and who want to do it in style.

One Man Outerwear is truly modern outerwear. It is the sort of outerwear that people really could not have purchased years ago, regardless of whether or not it was produced and distributed through a Kickstarter project. A piece of One Man Outerwear is equipped with a windproof membrane in between two stylish layers of fabric. As such, people can stay warm in their outerwear and defend themselves against cold and blustery days. However, from the outside, people won’t even notice the difference. It is the inner workings of the coat that makes a difference, as opposed to the outer layers.



This type of outerwear was still designed to breath effectively, which is why it is significantly more comfortable than the sort of outerwear that people will often wear in this situation. The fabric layers themselves are one hundred percent cotton, which should make all the difference for consumers who are interested in avoiding polyester and embracing more natural fibers. They will get the best of both worlds with these weatherproof outerwear coats.

One Man Outerwear is more or less the male alternative to what this company was producing previously. They specialized in providing this kind of effective yet stylish outerwear for women, and they were very successful at it. Now, they have expanded their range of production, and the producers can provide for male customers. This Canadian company can supply people with excellent outerwear from all over the world.

If all goes according to plan, One Man Outerwear will be unveiled in October 2015. Their goal for funding is $100,000 U.S. dollars. As of June, they have already managed to generate nearly fifteen thousand dollars, so the Kickstarter campaign is going fairly successfully. There are plenty of people on Kickstarter who will barely have raised any money at all a few months before their deadline, so people who have managed to fund a substantial portion of their campaigns already are certainly in luck. They clearly have already attracted a substantial following, which will certainly serve them well. Of course, Kickstarter campaigns can always use more assistance, especially during these comparatively early stages.


People should try to lend this and other Kickstarter campaigns all the support that they can offer. Because these kinds of campaigns put the power in the hands of the consumers and in the hands of the producers who are interested in creating great products.

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