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Just Label It: The Battle for Honesty

701586-1431713245-wide_thumbIn the United States of America, the land of the free, we have so many rights and freedoms to choose from. A big question lies within the subject of, do we have the right to know? On the flip side, do we have the right to withhold information? Just Label It, takes the side of having the right to know. Just Label It, has a website that is a strong centerpiece for those who feel that if a food uses GMOs, then that GMO should be labeled. Just Label It, is on a mission to reveal the truth and to shed some light on those being left in the dark.
The problem that most people have with GMOs is that it has glyphosate in it. Glyphosate is considered to more than likely be a human carcinogen, according to the World Health Organization. More and more of these chemicals have to be used, because like our bodies grow immune to things, weeds also grow immune to GMOs. This immunity of the weeds process causes more herbicides to be used to kill them. This process, of course, making their product even more unattractive to those who are against GMOs
How do you feel about GMOs? According to Just Label It, only 19% of mothers would still purchase food from a company if they knew that herbicides from GMOs were being used to make it. Ordinarily trustworthy brands, like Quaker and Pepsi, are, unfortunately, losing the faith of some of their most loyal customers, due to the fact that they are funding efforts to prevent mandatory GMO food labeling.  Just Label It states that 135 companies are supporting mandatory labeling of GMOs. Two of these 135 supporting companies are Chipotle and Patagonia, who are very strong supporters of the Just Label It cause. On the opposite side of the strong support, Just Label It mentions that one of their biggest uphill battles is the fact that sixty-three million dollars were spent by some big food companies to stop GMO food labeling from ever being mandated by the law.
Just Label It, brings a strong, determined, and dedicated cause for its loyal consumers and supporters. They have a very valid point of just being upfront and honest. Why leave the people that pay you unsure and in the dark? Could it be also, that the threat of very few people being willing to purchase food if they knew it had GMOs in it, be stopping companies from being honest? Just Label It has a great cause, but they may have been too honest to persuade the dishonest. If, however, the government is persuaded by Just Label It, and labeling GMOs becomes a federal law.
Then the persuasion of the companies using GMOs and refusing to label there products, really is not needed, because the choice, would no longer be theirs. Just Label It, does not want any consumers being left in the dark. They want questions to be answered, along with honesty from the companies that their consumers trust.

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