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How to Disable Whatsapp Voice Call Feature

stop whatsapp calls

Recently the popular chat messaging app rolls out update to add the voice call feature, while the voice call works as expected for some it still doesn’t works well for others.

Although many people are still using the feature despite numerous complaints that the feature is lagging in performance and has poor functionality, even when in the event of excellent internet connections. I am one of the victim because when I make calls I don’t hear the voice of the receiver well which I tought was just internet network connection problem but later on I knew whatsapp needs to work more on the feature.

Are you a type that doesn’t like the call feature or the feature doesn’t work well for you, the good news now is that possible to turn off any unwanted WhatsApp voice calls that may be annoying on your Android devices.
To get this done, WhatsApp for Android users must first of all download and install an app known as Disable WhatsApp Calls, which is available for free from the Google Play Store. What this app simply does is to allow those using Whatsapp on Android smartphones to block the app from making or receiving any voice call. However, the
good side of the story is that the app can be used according to the needs of the user. This implies that Whatsapp user can choose to block the app from receiving WhatsApp voice calls or opt to block it from making the calls. Alternatively, you can block the entire WhatsApp voice calling feature so that you are no longer disturbed by this feature.
As have said earlier, WhatsApp voice calls are still unstable even though the voice calling feature on WhatsApp has received too much hype, it has yet to be stabilized like with the
case of other apps like Skype, Tango and Viber.

Therefore, I don’t think there’s need of having a feature that is not working as you’d wish it to and yet it keeps bugging with notifications from those who can’t give up on the many attempts to call you using WhatsApp voice calls. Then the best option is to disable it:

How Can I Disable Whatsapp Call Feature?

As have said earlier, the Disable WhatsApp Calls app is the suitable app to stop the feature and it is meant for those who would like to keep using normal phone calls rather than switch to WhatsApp voice calls. Furthermore, as noted earlier, the app can be very effective for those with friends who are using a poor internet bandwidth for making WhatsApp voice calls. The frequent unexpected disconnections during WhatsApp voice calls will no longer bother you once you install this Disable WhatsApp Calls app on your Android phone.

  • Download and Install Disable WhatsApp Calls from Playstore. You can install the app once your device is running Android 4.4 kitkat down till the first generation OS.
  • After Installation, launch the app and you would have something like the screenshot to disable whatsapp voice calls
  • It is very easy to enable or disable WhatsApp voice calls using this app. All you need is to click or rather check the option that you wish to enable via the settings menu above.

disable call feature




We are still expecting more features from this app and also availability for other smartphones.

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