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Author Robert T. Kiyosaki Hits it Right on the Nail with His New Book for Entrepreneurs

00354561In the last couple of months, there have been numerous books that have been released on the market. There are some books that have skyrocketed in popularity, while others have just stayed behind. According to recent statistics, more people are searching for ways to better themselves by becoming their own boss, which is why the books that provide important and innovative information for entrepreneurs have become more popular overtime, take the 8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs by Robert T. Kiyosaki, for example.

Author Robert T. Kiyosaki has been writing books for more than a decade. At the moment, he has 20 books under his belt, including the international blockbuster book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad,’ which is often referred to as the #1 personal finance book of all time. This highly regarded author has been a featured guest in various media outlets of different countries because his books, which tend to go hand in hand with the topic of finance, have topped many international bestsellers lists.
This author has been able to change the way millions of people think about money. Since his advice can resonate with most readers’ own business experience and leadership style, he tends to redirect their thoughts and thus challenges them. Mr. Kiyosaki is an investor, educator, and entrepreneur who believes that the globe urgently needs more entrepreneurs in order for there to be more jobs. With investments that tend to contradict conventional wisdom and perspectives on money, this well-known author has been able to earn an international reputation for courage, irreverence, and straight talk. He has become an outspoken and passionate advocate in financial education.
Mr. Kiyosaki’s latest book the 8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs includes sections on leadership, sales, leaders as teachers, the power of connectivity, speed, authority, respect, discipline, and on mission and team. From this author’s perspective, military training is able to support entrepreneurship and shape lives. The leadership, discipline, and training that are taught in the military can be of great help if your goal is to achieve huge success in the world of business. Thanks to all of these sections, you will be able to improve yourself and your entrepreneurial skills.
All the information found in this book, author Robert Kiyosaki based it on the years that he spent at the United States Marine Corps. And Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point. With an engaging way of contrasting and comparing two very different value systems and cultures, compelling stories, and example, Mr. Kiyosaki shares with you the challenges that he had to face, which have made him into the savvy business man that he is today.
The style of this book is straightforward with no nonsensical information, which is just what you would expect from author Robert Kiyosaki. If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur or already are one and want to make the most of it, the 8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs book is one that you should highly consider in learning more about it.
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