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Month: June 2015

Solutions to Known Whatsapp Problems

How to send Messages to all whatsapp contact

It’s not a new thing that WhatsApp is used by over 800 million monthly active users which makes it one of the to most-used messaging apps on both smartphone and desktop. But being a popular app doesn’t mean users would not have a problem using it, so today I would be focusing on some frequent problems that WhatsApp comes with and provide solutions to fix them.

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Apple iOS 9 – New Improvement & Upgrade for iOS 8

apple ios 9

Apple just announced the iOS 9 uрdаtе whісh will bе аvаіlаblе bу September оr Oсtоbеr of this year. Bу then, the uѕеrѕ саn download thе bеtа vеrѕіоn аnd ѕее how muсh Apple improved from іOS 8 tо iOS 9. Here аrе ѕоmе of the mаjоr improvements and upgrades.

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Changes in Chip and PIN Cards for Everyone

Major changes, designed to help your money stay safe from thieves, are coming to your wallet soon. If you live in the United States, or operate a business there, you will see the changes in 2015. Chip and PIN cards will be implemented to replace the usual magnetic strip cards currently used.

Changes for Business

Upgraded credit card terminals that are chip and PIN compliant must be switched to by October 1st. If a business opts not to switch and then experiences credit card fraud, could be held responsible and pay the fraudulent charges made on the card. Smart business owners will do the research now to ensure they make the appropriate changes. It’s so much better to change as quickly as possible, so that even if the adaptation takes longer, it can still be finished in a timely manner. Plus, it takes some time to get used to change. It’s never too early to call in an expert to help with the business change.

Changes for Consumers

As international criminals have exploited the antiquated credit cards we have been using in the United States, we have come to our senses about the true costs. Changes to the magnetic-stripe technology had to be made. The good news is that most countries outside of the United States, and the majority of Europe have embraced this type of card for some time now. So, if you are traveling out of the country, using your new credit card will be much easier.

The card will work in a manner similar to your debit card. Instead of requiring a signature, a PIN will be used. As the card in is the machine, you will be asked to enter that PIN. The machine will then verify with the chip on the card to authorize the usage.

Changes for Card Issuers

Most major card issuers already have the updated cards. Some credit unions are also offering them. You can check with your issuer and on some online lists to see which issuers provide true Chip and PIN cards and which supply EMV chip cards for Americans.

Changes for Everyone

EMV cards are technically Chip and signature cards as opposed to the Chip and PIN cards issued in Europe. Both increase the odds of your funds being secure. Both require new cards to be issued by the card issuing company. Both require companies to get new machines to process the cards.

The switch may take as much as $8 million to complete. Businesses, both small and large, will have to spend the money, time and work hours to change equipment and software and retrain their employees. Issuers will spend funds on reissuing cards. Hopefully criminals will feel the pain as funds are much more difficult to steal.

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Tips On Saving And Spending Money For Everyone

Money. They say it doesn’t buy you happiness, but you kind of can’t live without it. Money pays the bills, keeps clothes on your back, and puts food on the table. With money you have electricity, a roof over your head, and you can stay warm.

Some people don’t know how to use their money wisely though. They don’t put any away for emergencies or retirement, and they spend on fun stuff before they take care of their bills. If you could use a refresher course on spending and saving, you’ve found it here.

Finding Ways To Save Even When You Don’t Have Enough

There are many ways to save money. For some people it’s as easy as just putting some money into a saving account after the bills are all payed. However, not everyone has a lot of extra money (or any, for that matter) after they finishing paying the bills.

Even if you start out with a small amount of money to put away, and build it up over time, it can help you build a savings. You can also find ways to make a little money on the side that can go directly into savings, like doing online surveys or trading in college textbooks.

For those that just can’t seem to afford to put anything away, find ways to cut corners. Every little bit helps. Save change in a jar. Use bottle returns as savings money. Don’t make impulse purchases or buy big ticket items unless you’ve specifically saved up for them.

It can also help to cut back on some things, like stops at the fast food restaurant or extra cable packages. Again, every little bit counts and even if you just save loose change you’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up.

Spending Money So You Have Some Left

One of the biggest problems some people have with saving money is spending it. Makes sense, right? They spend more than they have (with credit cards), or they spend just as much as they have, living paycheck to paycheck.

Not only can cutting back on your home bills, like less channels and using less energy, help you spend less, but you can also save some dough at the grocery store. Clip coupons, buy in bulk if you have a bigger family, and buy generic whenever possible.

Save money on entertainment outside the home as well. Only eat out when you have coupons or the restaurant has a deal. Go see matinee movies to pay lower prices.

Last, but not least, it may also help if you pay for things with checks, and find good deals on buying checks. In most cases checks take longer, which means you may be more likely to skip buying unneeded items in order to save time.

Plus, you pay more attention to what you are spending out of the bank when writing checks than when using a debit or credit card, which can sometimes be easy to forget to subtract out of the bank register! Paying overdraft fees will not help you save money!

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How to Make Chrome Browser Faster in Surfing

Settings 1 for aster browsing on Chrome

The Chrome browser happens to be most use browser and even Google have been implementing it into their new Android OS as default browser, which implies that Android users can no longer be able to uninstall the Chrome browser anymore. Chrome browser is one of my favourite browser but due to my device low RAM and low storage space I do encounter slow browsing while using the browser but have now got a solution to this which I wanted to share.

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Top Battery Saving Apps for Android Devices

top best battery saving apps

Smartphone as the name implies have been smart and required by most peoples around the world. We need these smartphones to contact families and friends, to browse the internet and search for information, to play games or chat on applications. But the more applications and services you’re installing and using every day, the shorter your battery life will be.

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Galaxy Tab S 8.4 vs Tab Pro 8.4 – Comparison & Price Review

tabs8.4 vs pro 8.4

Android devices are still rocking and selling fast in market. Nowadays people are more use to smartphones than to tablets even myself just because they are easier to carry about (mobile), but whether we like it or not there are some features smartphones don’t offer compared to the experience of a tablet. However, if you want to watch a movie or play a game, you will surely want to user a bigger screen and this is where tablets enter the stage. As last last year, 2014, Samsung released two awesome tablets with the same screen size, but they are different in specifications and hardware.

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Funding Weatherproof Outerwear

OMO _8Many people are interested in technical weatherproof outerwear. A lot of outerwear fails to really keep out the moisture even though it was supposed to protect people from the rain. The weatherproof outerwear that actually works is often very uncomfortable. People who are lucky enough to find weatherproof outerwear that is both effective and comfortable will often struggle to find weatherproof outerwear that also manages to be appropriately stylish. Todd Listwin’s Kickstarter campaign is all about trying to provide people with a product that will actually fill this need, which will truly make all the difference for people who spend a lot of time outdoors and who want to do it in style.

One Man Outerwear is truly modern outerwear. It is the sort of outerwear that people really could not have purchased years ago, regardless of whether or not it was produced and distributed through a Kickstarter project. A piece of One Man Outerwear is equipped with a windproof membrane in between two stylish layers of fabric. As such, people can stay warm in their outerwear and defend themselves against cold and blustery days. However, from the outside, people won’t even notice the difference. It is the inner workings of the coat that makes a difference, as opposed to the outer layers.



This type of outerwear was still designed to breath effectively, which is why it is significantly more comfortable than the sort of outerwear that people will often wear in this situation. The fabric layers themselves are one hundred percent cotton, which should make all the difference for consumers who are interested in avoiding polyester and embracing more natural fibers. They will get the best of both worlds with these weatherproof outerwear coats.

One Man Outerwear is more or less the male alternative to what this company was producing previously. They specialized in providing this kind of effective yet stylish outerwear for women, and they were very successful at it. Now, they have expanded their range of production, and the producers can provide for male customers. This Canadian company can supply people with excellent outerwear from all over the world.

If all goes according to plan, One Man Outerwear will be unveiled in October 2015. Their goal for funding is $100,000 U.S. dollars. As of June, they have already managed to generate nearly fifteen thousand dollars, so the Kickstarter campaign is going fairly successfully. There are plenty of people on Kickstarter who will barely have raised any money at all a few months before their deadline, so people who have managed to fund a substantial portion of their campaigns already are certainly in luck. They clearly have already attracted a substantial following, which will certainly serve them well. Of course, Kickstarter campaigns can always use more assistance, especially during these comparatively early stages.


People should try to lend this and other Kickstarter campaigns all the support that they can offer. Because these kinds of campaigns put the power in the hands of the consumers and in the hands of the producers who are interested in creating great products.

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Just Label It: The Battle for Honesty

701586-1431713245-wide_thumbIn the United States of America, the land of the free, we have so many rights and freedoms to choose from. A big question lies within the subject of, do we have the right to know? On the flip side, do we have the right to withhold information? Just Label It, takes the side of having the right to know. Just Label It, has a website that is a strong centerpiece for those who feel that if a food uses GMOs, then that GMO should be labeled. Just Label It, is on a mission to reveal the truth and to shed some light on those being left in the dark.
The problem that most people have with GMOs is that it has glyphosate in it. Glyphosate is considered to more than likely be a human carcinogen, according to the World Health Organization. More and more of these chemicals have to be used, because like our bodies grow immune to things, weeds also grow immune to GMOs. This immunity of the weeds process causes more herbicides to be used to kill them. This process, of course, making their product even more unattractive to those who are against GMOs
How do you feel about GMOs? According to Just Label It, only 19% of mothers would still purchase food from a company if they knew that herbicides from GMOs were being used to make it. Ordinarily trustworthy brands, like Quaker and Pepsi, are, unfortunately, losing the faith of some of their most loyal customers, due to the fact that they are funding efforts to prevent mandatory GMO food labeling.  Just Label It states that 135 companies are supporting mandatory labeling of GMOs. Two of these 135 supporting companies are Chipotle and Patagonia, who are very strong supporters of the Just Label It cause. On the opposite side of the strong support, Just Label It mentions that one of their biggest uphill battles is the fact that sixty-three million dollars were spent by some big food companies to stop GMO food labeling from ever being mandated by the law.
Just Label It, brings a strong, determined, and dedicated cause for its loyal consumers and supporters. They have a very valid point of just being upfront and honest. Why leave the people that pay you unsure and in the dark? Could it be also, that the threat of very few people being willing to purchase food if they knew it had GMOs in it, be stopping companies from being honest? Just Label It has a great cause, but they may have been too honest to persuade the dishonest. If, however, the government is persuaded by Just Label It, and labeling GMOs becomes a federal law.
Then the persuasion of the companies using GMOs and refusing to label there products, really is not needed, because the choice, would no longer be theirs. Just Label It, does not want any consumers being left in the dark. They want questions to be answered, along with honesty from the companies that their consumers trust.
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How to Disable Whatsapp Voice Call Feature

stop whatsapp calls

Recently the popular chat messaging app rolls out update to add the voice call feature, while the voice call works as expected for some it still doesn’t works well for others.

Although many people are still using the feature despite numerous complaints that the feature is lagging in performance and has poor functionality, even when in the event of excellent internet connections. I am one of the victim because when I make calls I don’t hear the voice of the receiver well which I tought was just internet network connection problem but later on I knew whatsapp needs to work more on the feature.

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