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What is Required of You Before Installing Softwares on PC

what to do before installing softwares

We already know that software are designed to help use performs some tasks on our computer and without this softwares nothing can be done on a PC. Do we know that there are something we need to carry out before bringing in these softwares to our computers.

Are you someone that think installing a software is all about Agree, next, continue and finally Install? I would advise you to stop this as from the moment you are ready this article but what do you need to do?

Below are what you need to know and what you need to carry out before installing a software on your Computer whether personal or business computer:

1. Do I Need the Software?

You need to firstly ask yourself why do i want to Install this software and is the software even necessary or needed. Try and avoid unnecessary software installation, having many useless software on your computer do you bad, having many software on your system does not prove you as a Geek. Although have once done this to boost I have many softwares on my PC but later on I noticed my PC is slow in performance and some unused software brings in viruses. I would advise anyone just installing unwanted softwares to shut the crap and saves space for the needy ones to come in.

2. Software Compatibility with Computer

If the software is needed and necessary, what you need to check is does your computer meetup the requirements for the software you are about to install, some people will be like who cares? But hmm, for your computer safety you need to care to check the compatibility of the software with your computer. Imagine trying to install a software which needs 2GB RAM to work well on a 1GB RAM computer. Although it might works but it won’t be functioning as it would perform on the required RAM.

3. Disk Space Availability

Before proceeding with the installation of your software, check the available disk space, there are some programs most especially Games that require large disk space to operate and not only games, some technical software also does. Though the software might
struggle to install on a limited space available on your hard disk but there is an obvious side effect you will experience which is lagging or your computer being slow down due to using up its little space it has been managing.
4. Check for Duplicate Software

This doesn’t really mean installing a software serving nearly the same purpose but it’s software conflicting each other. We all know it’s impossible to install same software twice on the same computer without uninstalling the older versions. Installing a software serving the same purpose but different features is not a crime but the case is not the same with some softwares, a typical example is Anti-virus Softwares. It sounds crazy having more than one antivirus on the same computer, not only that they will always clash but they will cause problem on your computer.

5. Know More About the Software to be Installed

We all love free things but I must tell you care must be taken when downloading any software to be installed on our computer, if you want to download any software or you already have it on your computer which you know nothing about it or its safety, is a good idea to go online and read reviews about the software, If you are satisfy and guaranteed about the software safety, then you can go on and install it on your computer.

6. Software Installation Guidelines

While installing a software you would see a section asking you to Accept Software Terms, either you agree or not the software developers know more about the software than you, they are the one that develop the software so they provide hints which serves as guideline for you, they are there to tell you how to go about the software.

To avoid installing unnecessary programs you don’t want on your computer, be careful when installing software, some software do have extra programs in them which might be a plugin, browser extension or any other unwanted program, if care is not taken and you go on clicking the next, definitely you have accept the offer to install the programs which may later cause a problem and be harmful to your Computer. A perfect example is when I installed a software not knowing it have an addon, the addon is integrated into my browsers and later on I noticed while surfing the Internet I see just irritating ads which have never been seeing before. All I thought was maybe it was the site am surfing but later on I detected it affected all my browsers and I found the addon but unable to remove it out. I later uninstall the software and install again without allowing the addon to be installed. To be sincere the addon wasted lots of my time before detecting it and as ell it slows down my PC but now have learnt my lessons.


7. Installation Location

Just install all your software on the local Hard Disk C: to avoid problems, that is the reason why you need to check the disk availability. I don’t see reason why you will install
your software on partition drive or inside a folder on the desktop.

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