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Technology And The World Of Art


Once upon a time people didn’t think of things like video games as an art form. The ability to create digital art online may have seemed like a lesser form of art since it wasn’t being created on a canvas or piece of paper using traditional paints and markers.

Now, even the most upscale art galleries and museums are seeing the beauty and artistry in digital art forms. The ability to create art with the movements of a mouse and a little bit of code hasn’t stopped people from creating magnificent paintings with acrylics and oils.

How Technology Has Enhanced Art

Even sculptors have seen some competition with the invention of 3D printers. The fact is, 3D printers have created a whole new world of art. Unfortunately, 3D printers are very expensive still, the average Joe or starving artist isn’t going to be able to afford it.

Art has been enhanced by all of the apps that are available on tablets and different online programs. It has been easier for photographers to edit their photos and for designers to create great logos and more.

How Art Has Stayed The Same

There are still traditional artists out there. Even the traditionalists take time to experiment and try something new. Recently, Park West Gallery, an art gallery in Michigan, paired artists with physicians to bring something new to the art world.

It’s projects like that one that help expand the mind of creativity in the art world. From the beginning of art there have been collaborations. Art and science often cross paths, just as do different form of art, like writing and drawing to create a book.

Where You See Art

Even though many artists are starving artists, there are others that make good money at what they do. Art is in nearly everything around you, from clothing design to how your home is decorated. You truly can’t look around you and not see art in the world.

That includes the technology you are using. You view the art of creating movies and television shows, and the art of acting, each time you turn on your television. Art is no longer just something you hang on your walls.

Now that you understand the way that technology and the world of art work together, stop and take a moment to look around you. Where do you see art? How many times a day do you create art yourself, while typing an email letter or taking a photo with your smartphone.

Without art there are many things people would no longer have or anyjoy. There would be no more books to read and no need for eReaders. There would be no more movies to watch and no more need for DVDs or DVD players, or televisions for that matter. Art and technology work together and it’s a beautiful thing to look at.

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