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Working With Moods To Help Improve Business


In business, you need to utilize every advantage that you can. Sometimes this comes in the form of technology, sometimes in the form of knowledge, and sometimes just from pure experience in an industry.

In particular, if your company is in any kind of sales industry, you’ll want to understand your audience, and you’ll want to understand how their moods and perspectives can shape what they are willing to buy from you and when. To help you on the path, make it a point to learn about typical moods, atypical moods, using moods to help with your advertising, and emulating advertising that is successful in your desired format.

Learning About Typical Moods            

Typical moods like happy, sad, and angry are going to be your average moods to deal with. You can expect some of these in certain seasons, or in certain parts of your company like sales or product returns. As a person, you should learn about facial expressions, body language, and verbal language. The better you understand moods of customers, the more you can customize the way that you approach them during the course of your day.

Learning About Atypical Moods          

Atypical moods are also something to be aware of. In this case, if you research bipolar disorder, or multiple personalities, or schizophrenia, you’ll learn that there are a lot of interesting little deviations that the human mind can go through. Depending on your industry, you’ll need to know how people with these mood swings can be a part of your overall business model. In addition, if you’re in social service or drug rehab industries, knowledge of these mood changes is an absolute must and is an integral part of business training at all levels. The more you know, the better!

Using Moods To Help With Advertising            

Now that you understand how to deal with moods on a personal, real-time level, think about what your knowledge of psychology means to your advertising. Can you make people angry, sad, happy, or intrigued on purpose with the use of colors, designs, or certain audio? You most certainly can. Research supermarket advertising to learn a lot of the little techniques that are around about impulse spending.

Learning from the Best        

If all else fails when your research about moods doesn’t seem to be making a positive difference to your bottom line, just emulate the people who do it the best, even if you don’t necessarily understand how it works. Find out which companies have great consumer psychology, and copy it for your own purposes. If company owners have ever written books about how they got where they did, that’s a great place to look for information about company psychology as well.


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