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How to Cancel Sending Message on iOS Devices

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Although we are not new to our devices and their usage but there are times when we regret a message that we have just typed and pressed send and just fastly think there is a need to change something out of the message or the SEND button was mistakenly tapped. There is genuinely no apparent way outlined to cancel a message that you have sent a while ago but there is a trick that you can follow to cancel a message that has already moved to Sending mode but not successful yet as we all know most messages on ios device don’t deliver too faster just because a situation like this might occurs or queue sending due to congested network condition or due to irresponsiveness of your OS.NOTE: This trick only works when you have the message in Sending mode i.e. sending is in progress under your Contacts chat thread and not yet delivered. You can also see a blue bar at the top displaying the status of message being sent. This is when you can use this trick to cancel the progress. This trick can work on only iOS devices and iPads so if you use any other device wait for your time till we have a package like this for you as well.


How to Cancel Message Sending on IOS

1. Open the Message app and then open the thread from which you want to cancel a message. If you have sent a group message or sending different messages to multiple users at a same time then this trick will cancel sending messages to all of them altogether

2.  Once there is a blue bar on display at the top, this is when you have to strike. Flip open the menu from the bottom of your screen to open Control Center

3. What you have to do is to disable network provider service by tapping the airplane icon on the flip down menu which represents Airplane mode. This will enable the Airplane mode and will seize all the connectivity of your phone in terms of cellular, Wi-Fi, or Radio. Halting the cellular connectivity will also stop your message from sending

4.  Wait for a minute or two, and then disable the Airplane mode by tapping the airplane icon again. Wait until your phone maintains connectivity and open the Messages app. If you see a red warning text saying “Not Delivered” with a warning exclamation mark then congratulations, your message had been canceled by Airplane mode.

If the text message says “Delivered” then this means that you lagged a bit and message has been sent already before you enable the Airplane mode. Lagging is not always the reason; sometimes the data size of a message is too small that it takes a while to send it on air before you even open the flip menu. You need to move swiftly between your Messages app and Control Center to excel this trick.

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