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How to Send Messages to All Whatsapp Contacts

How to send Messages to all whatsapp contact

We all know Whatsapp is the popular and most used Chat Service for now with over billions of  active users monthly and still increasing daily. Recently, they introduced web clients and Calling feature, which now allows users easy access to messages on their PC and the voice calling feature to allow voice call among users using the chat service and the calling feature works with mobile network i.e. you would be using your mobile data to make calls. I love the calling feature but it works well with a good 3G or 4G mobile network.

Whatsapp allows you to send free messages to everyone who is also using the app on their mobile devices. With WhatsApp you can send photos/images, messages, videos as well as voice messages. The app is available on different platforms including iOS, Android as well as Windows and others like symbian and java mobile phones.

After the introduction to Whatsapp features so far, let be back to the main topic which is how to send messages to all your whatsapp contacts at once which is explained below:

NOTE: I am using an Android Phone for the Pictures/images explanation so if you have another device just read the steps carefully and you would get it done.

1. Install Whatsapp on your Mobile phone either from Whatsapp.Com which is official website or from any store of your choice. Open the app and then enter your phone number on the Phone Number Screen. After registering with WhatsApp will send an SMS message to verify your mobile number or your mobile number would be activated automatically if its the one in the phone currently while registering. If your phone does not support SMS messaging then ask WhatsApp to use an automated telephone call to activate. Next is to Provide your name, you will see a PROFILE screen. Click on this and then provide the name that you plan on using with WhatsApp. It is up to you to choose your real name or you can also use a fake or nick name and you can also add your profile picture at this time.

2. Next is to locate your Whatsapp Contacts and others using the service, Visit the Favorites TAB and refresh. All your Whatsapp Contacts would show up and your are ready to send messages.

3. Close and Launch Whatsapp again, now press the MENU BUTTON on your device. If you have an android device you would have something like below screenshotSend messages to all whatsapp contact

4. Click or Tap on New broadcast and another page comes up asking you to add recipients of the message you wanted to compose.

how to send messages to all whatsapp contact

5. Now, enter the names of all the people whom you wish to send the message to. To enter multiple names,
click on the plus button to choose friends from your contacts list.

6. Select all your Contacts and tap done or Create depending on your device.

send messages to all whatspp contatc

7. Type your message and if you want you can also attach media to your message. To send the message, simply click on the SEND button and all the contacts that you chose will receive your message.

send messagea to all whatsapp contacts

You can see from the above image that am sending message to all my 6 contacts I have on whatsapp, so if you have more than that you can add them and they would receive the message sent.

Its as simple as that, I like this feature because the list would be save on your Whatsapp Account and you can come back to edit the receivers and send messages to them anytime you need. Sharing is caring show you care by sending this info to your social networks.

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