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Firefox 37 Latest Version Free Download – What’s New?

Download Firefox latest version for free

The Mozilla Firefox is one of the best and most use browser all over the world both on mobile and desktop. But the Chrome browser happen to be the most popular browser among all and Firefox keep its users updated to be more better than other browsers. Chrome has successfully taken away a huge percentage of Firefox’s user base, this web browser still lives on, fulfilling what it was created to fulfill – offering the most robust and secure browsing experience like always. Mozilla Firefox has been offering users secure browsing for over a decade now and even though it comes in second position after Chrome when talking of global popularity, this web browser offers some of the best features that are increasingly becoming better and better with each update.

Download Firefox latest version for freeFirefox is such a sturdy and well-organized browser which has earned it to become such a popular web browser. Firefox is also popular and used because of its ability to provide a well-organized browsing experience, nothing
that many other browsers can’t offer. I am a fan of Firefox and still I love using it on my desktop to surf through the internet.
The latest version of Firefox 37 is here and it is available for free download. Since it is an upgrade to the previous version, it comes with many improvements as well as additional new features that are aimed at improving the overall browsing experience of the user which we would start to check out one after the other now.

Although the new Mozilla Firefox 37 comes in with few new features. One of the most notable additions is a new heartbeat rating system for users where you can provide feedback about your experience with Firefox. There’s also inclusion to allow Turkish user to be using Yandex as their default search provider. This happen because of the changes that saw Yahoo chosen as the default search engine for U.S. users of this browser.
In order to ensure security and privacy when browsing the web using Firefox 37, Mozilla have now introduced HTTPS in Bing search. Furthermore, you can be sure of better protection from website impersonation thanks to the revocation of the OneCRL centralized certificate. This new Firefox 37 update seems to have really put its emphasis on security matters as yet another security measure has been added where it is now possible to resourcefully encrypt HTTP traffic in cases where the server also supports HTTP/2 AltSvc.
The new Firefox 37 does not only come with new features, but there are also some enhancements to previous features. The insecure TLS version fallback has now been disabled to ensure improved site security and there are also
improvements in the performance of the WebGL rendering. Furthermore, the latest Mozilla Firefox features an improved certificate as well as TLS communication security where the DSA support has now been eliminated.
There are also some improvements made for the HTML 5 that comes preinstalled in this new Firefox 37. There is now additional support for CSS display.You can now access IndexedDB from worker threads. It is now possible to enjoy native playback on YouTube, but only for users of Windows Vista or later versions.

How to Update Firefox to the Latest Version for Free?

If you are a Firefox user already i.e. have the firefox browser on your desktop, all you need to do is:

1. Look top right of your browser, you would find a button just like three parallel lines in horizontal form as shown below. Just click on it.

Latest Firefox 37 Free Download

2. You now have a menu shown to you as above, Tap on the question mark icon shown in blue colour shown at the bottom right to Open Help Menu.

Latest Firefox 37 Free Download

3. You now have another list of Menu as shown above just click on About Firefox.

4. Finally, you would receive a new popup with Checking for Update and update would start in seconds. If you have the latest version you would see Firefox is up to date.

Latest Firefox 37 Free Download

If you don’t use firefox before and would like to get it now below is a link to download.

Download Firefox Latest Version for free

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    one of best browser still i have used its all features are awesome and offering many other special ad on also compare to other browser let see whats new in this version thanks for inform to us about new version


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