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Android 5.1 Lollipop – What’s New in the Update?

Android 5.1 Lollipop

Android which is owned by Google has been in existence and now performing great to satisfy users. The new update is one of the biggest releases for Lollipop and comes with several bugs fixed and enhancement of stability as well as performance, compared to the 5.0 originally released. Although the new update 5.1 is almost similar to the original 5.0 release, but there are some subtle additions.

The new update is now on and is already available for Nexus 5, Nexus 10 and for Nexus 7 as they are from Google as the name implies ‘Google Nexus’.

Dual SIM Support & New API’s

The new update is here built in support for dual SIM. Yes of course, you were thinking there are many other dual SIM phones that are running on previous versions of Google operating systems. Those ones are built by the phone manufacturer but the feature is now being built into the operating system and this makes it very easy for small companies that ship the Android 5.1 smartphones into the market. The update also brings in new APIs. This will help Android apps developers, as apps can now interact in an intelligent manner with the dual SIM phones as well. The new API will also help carrier apps, as the operators will be able to control the provision of network and software better, through the apps available on Google Play, avoiding the need for an update for every fresh version.

Enhancement in Device Protection

The device protection feature of 5.1 will help to keep Android device secure even if stolen just as you have bbm pin to track a stolen blackberry and as well there’s a way to tract a stolen iphone as well but now it’s also available on Android. You can enable this feature, so that thieves will not be able to use the phone, even if they factory reset it, as they will need your account login details which they don’t know. The feature was earlier promised for the Lollipop 5.0 release, but will now be available for all the Android devices using the Android 5.1 update. The feature will also be available for Nexus 6 and for Nexus 9.

Quick Settings Panel

The New Android 5.1 update comes in with some tweaks made in the quick Settings tab. All the icons, including Auto rotate have been given new animations on tapping. There are also additional dropdown arrows  present near these settings, which make it easy to shift from Wi-Fi access and Bluetooth devices. Get the New update and see the stuffs yourself.

HD Voice

Nexus 6 already has this feature in certain European networks, but the new 5.1 update makes this feature official, being built in the operating system. Users of Nexus 6 will be able to experience a better audio quality with the 5.1 update.


There is no mute availability for the 5.1 Lollipop, but Google brings in some tweaks for the volume slider and for the interruptions system. There are separate icons for ‘None’, ‘Priority’ and for ‘All’; so that users can connect them properly with their status bar icon. If you enable ‘None’ or ‘Priority’ for a fixed period, you can even view the time period of the enabling. You can use the Downtime feature for controlling notifications and select ‘Priority’ and ‘None’, whereas the previous 5.0 Lollipop only allowed the default ‘Priority’ mode.

Changes in Screen

The screen pinning of the 5.0 Lollipop was a little confusing and the 5.1 update brings some clarity to this feature. It makes it easy for locking kids or a guest user for a particular application. The instructions are now clearer, with users being told to scroll upwards to view the pin icon. In addition, you will now find the checkbox that asks users for their security pattern when they leave a pinned app, in the Settings>Security>App Pinning, even if the user has not enabled the lock security, making it easier to discover the OPTION. In addition, when the user first pins an application, Android makes it clearer to use the buttons, so that you know which ones you have to press to restore back when you leave the pinned mode.

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