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Google Play Store vs Amason Store – Which is the Best?

Google plAy store vs Amason Store

Today we would be discussing here about the Playstore and Amason Store. If you had a choice between the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore to download and install, which one would you choose? This is actually quite a serious question to ask yourself because both are backed by massive companies and both allow you to download and install apps for the Android system, have been downloading from both and really can’t conclude yet which one is the best.


Google plAy store vs Amason StoreHowever, there are some differences between the two and that is where the decision becomes easier.

The Ease Of Installation

First, both of them are equally as easy to set up, so there is nothing between the two of them at this point. They are also both very easy to use as their search facilities are second to none and you are going to be able to find whichever app it is that you are looking for without any problems. Both run well, and there is no point where it feels as if it could lag either when using the site or waiting for something to download.

Quantity of Apps

Both store are full of apps but when it comes to the number of apps that are readily available for users, then there comes a difference. Even though Amazon are slowly catching up, there is still a huge difference in the number of apps that you have access to as the Google Play Store has in the region of 500,000 more apps available. Clearly this is going to sway the minds of a number of people that have a real fascination with apps and want the widest selection to choose from and it certainly means that Google are putting up a very good argument for people to use their store rather than anybody else.

Other Features of the Stores

This is where it does get rather interesting. Both apps give people the opportunity to watch television series as well as streaming movies and with this it is Amazon that wins. You do get a wide selection of things to watch with both, but with Amazon you can stream whereas with Google you have to download them and you need to pay.

In other words, if you are less interested in apps and love the idea of catching up with your favorite shows even when on the move, then Amazon could be the better option. Their connection also appears to be better, so that could be another contributing factor to your decision.

Which is best?

As have said earlier that its not that easy to say which one is the best but from my view  the initial downloading and installation on both are equal. Google has over 600,000 apps. Amazon has in the region of 50,000 apps. Both allow you to watch your favorite shows. Amazon allows you to stream for free. Google requires you to download and pay Basically, it depends on what you want to get out of the store when trying to decide which one you should install. If it is purely about the apps, then there is no way that you can ignore what the Google Play Store has to offer, but if you are a movie buff and can do with less choices, then Amazon leads the way. Ultimately it is your decision, but no matter which one you choose you will at least know that the site itself works well and can trust the downloads that are on there.

So it’s your turn to share with us, which store is your choice and why is it more preferred to the other one.

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