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How to Change Android Device IMEI

We are in the era of smartphones and the Android device is the most selling device out there mostly used around the world. But there are things to be done on this Android devices for effective and efficient use.
Firstly, What and How do I know my device IMEI?
IMEI means International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, it is a unigue number to identify 3GPP (GSM which is 2G Network, UMTS which is 3G Network and LTE which is 4G Network) and iDEN mobile phones as well as satellite phones.

The IMEI Number is mostly found printed inside the battery compartment of the phone, after removing the battery you would see it underneath, you can also check your imei while the phone is ON buy dialing *#06# and the 15 digit imei number would be displayed to you.
Your IMEI can be kept personal in somewhere for use as it can be used to prove ownership of a certain device when stolen.
Why do I Need to Change my Device IMEI?
There is no need to change your device IMEI but there are some conditions that require this to be done. i.e. using some features of device you wanted to change your imei to. i.e. I changed my own Android device IMEI to Blackberry IMEI just to use Blackberry browsing plan as its cheaper than Android plan in my area. While you need to change device IMEI lies on what you needed it for.

How Do I Change my Device IMEI?

Yes, this is our destination as already pointed to in the post title. I would now be explaining in details alongside screenshots to help you in changing your Android device IMEI, follow the beloe step on after the other and you would get in done.

1. Dial *#06# and you would receive your device current IMEI, if you use one sim device one IMEI is displayed but if dual sim two IMEI is displayed. Note the IMEI down somewhere and continue the remaining steps.

2. Before changing your IMEI you needed A Rooted Android Device and MobileUncle Tools from Playstore. If you don’t have a rooted device CLICK HERE.

3. Once your device is rooted and you have downloaded and installed Mobileuncle tools on your Android phone the next thing is to launch the App and you would have something like  screenshot below.

change android imei

4. Tap on the Engineer Mode and you have this

change android imei3

5. Tap on Engineer Mode (MTK) as shown above.

6. One Next page swipe left till you see Connectivity and tap CDS Information.

change android imei

7. Here you have common data service, Tap on Radio Information from the list provided.

8. Now your phone would bring phone 1 and phone 2 tap on phone 1 if you wanted to change SIM 1 IMEI hence tap on phone 2 to change SIM 2 IMEI.

change android imei

9. You are now in IMEI engine room lol. Its time to change your device IMEI.From the screenshot below you would see the textarea space you need information below:

For Sim 1 use this code: AT+EGMR=1,7,”NEW IMEI”
For Sim 2 use this code: AT+EGMR=1,10,”NEW IMEI”

where your NEW IMEI is another 15 digit IMEI you wanted to change to.

change android imei

10. After filling the details tap on SEND AT COMMAND and switch off your phone and on back.

Now check your new imei with *#06#.

Incase of any problem use the comment section below.

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