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The Ultimate Guide to Use the Whatsapp Call Feature

WhatsApp App was launched in 2009, being created by two former employees of Yahoo!, they made a CHATTING application that conquered the hearts of millions of people in short time. When Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) saw how popular WhatsApp has become, reaching 500 million users, he then spent 19 billion dollars to purchase it and improved the application to bring it to the current state by increasing the number of active monthly users since February 2014 till now.

The Popular Messaging Application, Whatsapp which is being used by over 700 millions active users all around the globe and is now provided with the free calling feature. Although we have the free calling feature also for Facebook Messenger App but it’s good as the Whatsapp company also added the feature to the Popular Messaging App.

After introducing the Voice Calling feature in February, 2015 for the Android users, the developers released updates pretty often, many beta versions with bug fixes and other performance improvements and now, on the official website was uploaded the latest version which have the feature working effectively.

For Now, the Whatsapp Calling Feature is available for only Android users. Whatsapp firstly release the App for Android users because it is the most used smartphones by over 80% of people around the World and later on the updates would be made available for other mobile devices as well.

What is Needed to Use the Calling Feature?

I can see most people out there talking about a Whatsapp Calling Enabler App which is not produced by the Whatsapp company. You don’t have to install any third parties application before you can make use of the feature, just make sure you have the updated version of Whatsapp on your Android device. Before downloading update Go to Settings > Security  and Allow Unknown Sources from your Android device. Now you can install APKs from different sources. If you don’t have the updated version you can download from Google Play Store or Whatsapp Official Website. It’s advisable you uninstall the previous version before installing the New version.

How Can I Activate the Calling Feature?

Most people complains about the calling feature not in their messaging app after updating it but this happens because they didn’t uninstall the previous version before updating to the latest version. That’s why have said earlier that its advisable to uninstall the previous version before downloading the latest update.

If you don’t have the feature activated yet just ask a whatsapp user who have the feature to call you with it and yours too would be activated instantly.

How do I know that Whatsapp Calling Feature is Activated?

Once the feature is active you would see a three tab; CALLS, CHATS & CONTACTS tabs as shown below.

Free Call on Whatsapp

How Can I Make Calls?

Just go to your whatsapp contact list and tap the name of the person you wanted to call. Now look top right and you would see the call icon there as above, just tap on it and wait for the call to connect. Once connected your receiver would pick up the call and you begin to make voice chats.

Do you have any problem or any question with whatsapp calling feature, just add a comment below and you would get reply soon.

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