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Month: April 2015

Firefox 37 Latest Version Free Download – What’s New?

Download Firefox latest version for free

The Mozilla Firefox is one of the best and most use browser all over the world both on mobile and desktop. But the Chrome browser happen to be the most popular browser among all and Firefox keep its users updated to be more better than other browsers. Chrome has successfully taken away a huge percentage of Firefox’s user base, this web browser still lives on, fulfilling what it was created to fulfill – offering the most robust and secure browsing experience like always. Mozilla Firefox has been offering users secure browsing for over a decade now and even though it comes in second position after Chrome when talking of global popularity, this web browser offers some of the best features that are increasingly becoming better and better with each update.

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Android 5.1 Lollipop – What’s New in the Update?

Android 5.1 Lollipop

Android which is owned by Google has been in existence and now performing great to satisfy users. The new update is one of the biggest releases for Lollipop and comes with several bugs fixed and enhancement of stability as well as performance, compared to the 5.0 originally released. Although the new update 5.1 is almost similar to the original 5.0 release, but there are some subtle additions.

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Top Playstore Apps that are Worth been Paid For

As already know, Google Playstore is the default home loaded with lots of android apps in which some are free and  some are paid for before enjoying the apps.
More about Playstore: The store has over 1.3 million applications, games, entertainment and other utility apps that all users of Android devices can select and download. However, from this huge list of applications, a huge number of them are available for free. In fact, when compared to the iOS’s iTunes App Store, the Play Store has a very huge number of free apps.

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iOS 8.3 vs iOS 8.2, What’s NEW?

Yes we know Apple is also one of the best Mobile and Computer Manufacturers. They have many products out there that are in Market and they keep upgrading their service to satisfy their customers/users. Today we are to discuss about the IOS service update which Apple launched and compare it with the latter i.e. iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.2.

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Credit Sesame : Free Credit Report Monitoring

credit-sesame-superhero-large-8Get a Free Credit score report monthly from Credit Sesame. And also Credit Sesame can easily monitor and protect your credit and we all know with a great credit score you definitely can improve your chances of getting the best loans which means greater savings for you !

Monitor Your Free Credit Score Monthly Without a Credit Card
Credit Sesame believes that the consumers should have the right to know their creditworthiness every single month and will give you a free credit score (no credit card required) and a complete overview of your credit profile and debt situation. Credit Sesame uses top notch analytics tools to study the consumer credit and debt situation on a daily basis and also they show how you can save on your loans, credit card debts and home mortgages.

They also know that your credit score means you’ll know where you stand financially and how you can save money. Sign Up Now !
Get Free Identity Theft Protection and Insurance and Fraud Restoration Assistance

If a person gets their identity stolen they would really be feeling depressed. And they know that trying to cancel the credit cards and trying to fix the problem would take a long time. And most often they wouldn’t know exactly what to do about the situation.They probably wouldn’t know who to contact and or what to order to fix the problem.Identity theft have very bad effects on your credit scores and would affect the credit cards and certain loans that you could probably qualify for in the future, if it weren’t for identity theft.

And also it could definitely affect your credit worthiness with lenders, new employers and with insurance also. Get your identity protected monthly and for free by signing up to Credit Sesame.

The Credit Sesame team, will not only help you monitor and manage your credit, they will also help you protect it too. When someone signs up for their free credit monitoring, Credit Sesame will automatically give them $50,000 in identity theft insurance, and also they will give the person live access to certified identity restoration specialists for free. And if the person is ever a victim of identity theft, they will have them covered.

Get Free Credit Monitoring and Protect your Financial Standing
Credit Sesame has worked very hard to build the consumer’s credit standing. Also Credit Sesame will provide you with  free credit monitoring, and along with your free monthly credit score they will give you personalized money-saving advice that’s very helpful.

At Credit Sesame you can sign up in ninety seconds to get your free monthly credit score and some great savings advice too! I mean what other credit reporting company out that has a faster sign up form than Credit Sesame.I have already signed up to Credit Sesame and they really do a great job monitoring your credit scores and protecting your identity and it’s all free on a monthly basis.

The Top Three Reasons why you should Join Credit Sesame Right Now
You will get a free credit score monthly
There’s No Credit Card Required – Ever!
They will give you personalized savings advice

So if you are looking for a credit reporting company that’s free and really help to protect your identity and to get your credit reports free every month visit Credit Sesame and Sign Up Now !

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Win a My Cloud EX2 from WD

Win a free ( My Cloud EX2 4TB ) during the WD giveaway promotion on April – 13- 2015  to May – 4 – 2015.

To enter subscribe to my website ( Money and Technology ) and continue to visit it everyday and also please visit the WD website at by clicking on the URL link about WD daily and please leave a comment on the feature article that you are most exciting about from this article.

You will learn that the My Cloud Expert Series offers:
• Centralized workplace storage with anytime, anywhere access to files
• Easy setup and management
• Advanced data security

• High performance
• The ability to reliably save, share, back up, stream and manage large amounts of data.


And once again please continue to visit WD website here daily and please leave a comment on this featured article that you are most exciting about from my article.

And I will announce the winner of the free ( My Cloud EX2 4TB ) (valued at $349.99 on my website on May – 4 -2015.


Good luck to all of you !





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Citrus Lane: Helping Moms and Dads on their Parenting Journeys

hero_outdoor_box_largeProviding a gift that is both fun and useful for a new born child can be difficult. Many people don’t have much experience with children or babies, and may not have a good idea of what makes a good gift. Products at offer the ideal solution to this problem. Citrus Lane sells boxes packed with any item a child could ever want or need. These services include clothes, toys, books, and much more.


These boxes are affordably priced and filled with gifts that are ideal for a child. Citrus Lane offers users the opportunity to pick what items to put in the gift box. This give maximum opportunity for the gift to be a personal reflection of the gift giver. However, many people may not have the time or inclination to do this. For this reason, Citrus Lane offers a mystery box. With this option, users can purchase a box and rest assured that the contents will be something that will delight both baby and parent. This service can be purchased as a monthly subscription, delivering a box of delightful gifts on a monthly basis.


Citrus Lane: 3-Month Gift Subscription – $81 free shipping


Citrus Lane: 6-Month Gift Subscription – $144 free shipping


Citrus Lane: 12-Month Gift Subscription – $264 free shipping


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Top Free Apps to Rock Android OS

The Android Smartphone is the world most used mobile device nowadays with over 80% of users and still we have new Android devices rolling into the market with different specs just to satisfy the customers. Instead of just wasting a lot of your precious time and energy looking for cool applications that are worth installing on your Android smartphone or tablet, I have here the list of cools ones here to discuss with you.

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Don’t Lose Your Work or Your Precious Memories, Copy Them To Your Own Cloud NAS Solution

NASWe live in an age where we are now building up our personal data repositories, whether it is for our photos, movies, music, or music videos. It is almost a fairytale existence where you can have your entire life and world stored inside your computer today.

Today vast libraries of EBooks can be built up in just a couple of years.

Then of course comes the inevitable disk crash or your laptop, tablet, or handheld is stolen and all those memories and thousands of hours of work are gone in an instant.

The story does not have to end that way though. There is another version of this tale where there is a happy ending.

This fairytale has happy ending because you have a NAS, which you attach to periodically, and backup your valuable information in whatever form it takes.

It this way no matter what happens, Theft, Act of God, or simply dropping your tablet on the floor doesn’t have to spell the ruin for all of your memories and if your run a business your company data as well.

So let us take a walk through the looking glass and vast a world where your data is as safe as the gold in Fort Knox.

What is the best solution to your data backup and recovery needs?
Well in my experience, I trust my own systems and don’t want to farm it out to a third party unless I have no other choice.

This is why My Cloud EX2100 was the perfect solution for me. I am a writer and at any one time, I have thousands of words in progress for my writing projects and I also run my own online business as well.


I also have thousands of books, which I use for reference in my work. All of this is overseen by a database program that lets me find what I need when I need it.

I, a short time ago lost my offline storage drive and 4 TB of Movies, EBooks, and even my recipes collection went into the void, 10 years worth of memories and work gone in seconds.

So, I began investigating how to prevent that from happening again.

There are of course online backup services available and I looked at each one carefully.

They all work fine in theory. But they don’t belong to me. They aren’t on a box that I can call my own. Some would say I am a little possessive. But I like my own stuff to be on my machines that I own personally.

My Cloud EX2100 gave me what I wanted
I travel a lot in my work. I leave my data at home online. The EX2100 waits patiently for me to check in with my updates to work in progress.

I have a nightly ritual where after a day of writing and take pictures. I sync up with my home via a VPN connection and all that I’ve done is passed back home.

For save storage and since my EX2100 is RAIDED with Western Digital Red Drives I know I have redundancy just in case.

This saves me a lot of hassles at airports when I travel, as I keep almost nothing on my laptop or tablet. Lately you’ve read in the news where Airport security has taken to confiscating laptops or tablets for a host of reasons.

I don’t worry now as I have nothing for them to confiscate and if I lose my laptop or the tablet I use.

I can replace them in almost any country in the world. And as long as I have an internet connection I can immediatly go back to work after a short download of my writing and other software.

It’s a pain of course to lose a laptop, but it would be worse to lose a laptop and months of hard work because a country doesn’t like the color of my passport or an overzealous TSA employee decides they need to pour over my laptop’s contents.

I smile turn over the hardware and wait a few weeks to get in back after they’ve had their fun.

In the meantime, I am still able to work, as my laptop is my livelihood.

How can I be so Blasé about it all?
The world is a strange place, the powers that be make the rules, and I can work myself up over it. Or I can adapt to the security and often-tight regulations many countries have for data, Internet, and the Cloud.

My Cloud EX2100 has dual Gigabit networking and I have it attached to a DSL as well as a cable TV internet.


The built-in software takes care of my access needs and I pretty much forget about maintenance.

So it is the perfect turnkey solution for moving my pictures home and manuscripts as well.

I can then use Dropbox to have my editor look at my work fix it and send it back transparently, wherever I am in the world.

That’s how easy it is with the My Cloud EX2100. It’s as if the data is in the room with me even though I am in Australia in the outback writing about a 1500-mile cross-country race in the dessert.

Or I am in Beijing getting some local flavor for a magazine article on the changes in the economic lives of the people living in the city.

The Bottom line
You will lose your computer at some point.

Face it as a fact of life. It will happen. So, it’s best if you are prepared up front to recover from the situation.

Whether you are an SMB, even a larger company, or just a private entrepreneur, a NAS backup is a necessity now days if you want to do business in the cloud or run your business as you travel from customer to customer or do business in the Global Village of today.

So, if you want to do it right take a gander at the My Cloud EX2100 and you’ll fall in love with it like I did and you will want to get one for yourself as well.

Click the link below to see it and all its features besides what I’ve talked about,

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Google Play Store vs Amason Store – Which is the Best?

Google plAy store vs Amason Store

Today we would be discussing here about the Playstore and Amason Store. If you had a choice between the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore to download and install, which one would you choose? This is actually quite a serious question to ask yourself because both are backed by massive companies and both allow you to download and install apps for the Android system, have been downloading from both and really can’t conclude yet which one is the best.

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