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The business comparison of apple and oculus

• The owner of oculus chose face book as being its partner instead of apple.
• The business of oculus has been on the rise which is likely to increase with the latest changes in technology.
• Apple decided to increase its market by introducing latest versions of iphablet which have more potential that iphone 5C.

The battle of oculus and apple has reached new heights with both the parties aiming high and striving hard to increase their share prices which would increase their value in the market. For those who are unaware, oculus is set to bring about new trends and revolution in the virtual gaming industry. Quite stir was created when the owner opted for face book instead of apple as being the partner which resulted in a rivalry between the two.

The business of oculus has been on the rise and is likely to increase given the fact that they have just gotten approval for FDA and is now owners of a patent that is all set to play a significant role in preventing and treating infections. The owners of oculus have managed to keep the shareholders happy as the market price of the shares witnessed a jump in the month of December from $2.33 to $7.21. Wall Street is expecting even more raise in the value of the shares given the fact that the company is the owner for a number of patents and is all set to bring about a number of revolutions. Needless to say, the market is expanding and the share holders are becoming interested in acquiring the shares of this company with the trading currently going at the pace of $4.36.


Now coming to the business of apple let us now take a look at how well it has fared in the market. Because of the not so popular response to iphone 5C, apple did not manage to garner appreciation form the stock market owing to the fact that the sales of their product were lower than that which was expected by the industry. As it is clear, it was time for apples to bring about a revolution of its own. It became apparent in 2013 that the market is much larger for large screen smart phones which are easer to function and offer the experience of phones and tablets all in one at much reasonable price. Perhaps this is the reason that apple has now decided to come up with its own version of iphablet. Iphablet is likely to increase the value of the shares of apple as well as its standing in the market by a large magnitude.

There is no denying that the market for iphones coupled with the experience of tablets is huge and the iphablet should have no trouble in making a place for them especially if the rates at which they come are affordable to many. Iphablet would manage to bring back many of the loyal users of apple who have strayed to galaxy and notes because of the large screen, HD quality videos and unique games. This is why it is predicted that apple would soon be back in the game. At the same time oculus is not the one to be taken lightly as with so many unique and innovative ideas, the value of the shares of this company would definitely be increasing in the time to come.

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