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Bing Proves that Not All Search Engines Are Created Equal

bing-rewardsIt is not a secret that search engines come in handy which is why millions of individuals utilize them around the globe every day. Contrary to popular belief, not all search engines are created equal, especially nowadays. There are a few search engines that have more benefits than others such as Bing.

When you opt to sign up to Bing Rewards, you can earn credits when you search with Bing which you can redeem in the Bing’s Redemption Center for Fandango, Xbox, Starbucks, and Amazon gift cards, or you can even donate the credits that you have attained to your charity of choice.

It is completely free to join! This is similar to a frequent flyer program. You can search with Bing on your phone and PC. In order to add up more credits, you can take advantage of exclusive offers and try new features. Bing makes it easy to earn credits faster when you upgrade your status.bingrewards

There is no other search engine right now that is allowing their users to earn this type of fantastic rewards while they search the Internet which is why numerous of people are already taking advantage of it. All you have to do to earn Bing credits is signup, stay signed-in, and search with Bing.


To get started, sign up for free at


I am compensated for this post by Bing Rewards.

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