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Sosemo: Managed Social, Search and Mobile Marketing Services

larryToday the leading marketing technique in the world is online marketing. Thousands of organizations around the globe are facilitating clients with powerful marketing strategies. There is a vast fissure between conventional marketing and online marketing as online marketing captures hundred times greater audience. In the list of top professional, specialized and organized companies that provide high quality services of digital marketing – there is a big name “Sosemo”.

Sosemo is one of the leading electronic marketing organizations in the world that provides mobile, social and search engine marketing. The organization was founded by the current president “Larry Gurreri” after mastering the field of digital marketing. It took him fifteen years to be a pundit in social media, search engine, online, and mobile app marketing and then decided to launch his own organization. With great professional effort in two years he made Sosemo among the world’s top agencies that provides the facilities of the best content development and solutions for distribution strategies for brand growth. Previously Larry practiced at Digital Health Life Brands as a SEO and SEM manager and then took the seat of Global head of digital health. The world’s most renowned organizations feature in his clients list including Samsung, Aflac, Mead Johnson, Kraft Foods, Post Foods, Sara Lee, Kitchen Aid, American Express, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Roche, BlueStar, Bayer, and Pfizer. Furthermore, he produced Lookze NYC, a GPS-enabled architecture sightseeing app for iPhone and iPad.

WeWork-Charging-Bull-Conference-Room-2Sosemo is popular in providing quality, killer and eye catching articles in the industries of health and nutrition, technology, retail and publishing. The popularity is because of the managed approached plans. The plan used by the organization is simple yet effective and powerful and starts with the listening of Keywords. The identified keywords of the specific content terminates the gap of online demand and lists the content on the top of search engines to capture high quantity of audience. The traffic is derived to the specific area not by the quantity of marketing plan but with the quality of marketing plan and to make it easily accessible by the customers all around the world.

The quality marketing plan is carried out by the professionals and in different phases to assure the quality of work and time domain. The layout of the marketing plan campaign is structured at the first step and then optimized for high concert based on the marketing intelligence. The audience requirement is kept in mind and structured according to the demands of the audience. Titles used are extremely catchy that the audience will love to go through from start to the end of the marketing campaign. When the plan is implemented the professional team ensures that the campaign is fully functional and the quality of the campaign will accomplish the goals of the client.


Sosemo has carried out the work of leading organizations of the world. If an individual goes through the work review of Sosemo then they will find it is a trusted organization. You can also transform your online marketing campaign with Sosemo. Talk to them today.

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