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GlamST: A Buzzworthy Life-Like Application for iOS that Allows You to Try Makeup on Your Selfie

1806_1364253768Women tend to have a grand love for clothes, shoes, handbags, and of course, makeup. Makeup, in particular, is a multi-billion dollar industry. When a new cosmetic is released on the market, it often sells like hotcakes. Makeup is able to bring women a sense of empowerment, which can be very beneficial when they step into the real world. It is definitely an image booster that numerous of individuals find to be very desirable. It can help give the face an instant makeover.
Every year, ladies tend to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on lipsticks, eyeliners, eye shadows, foundations, concealers, brow pencils, lip liners, blushes, highlighters, contour powders, and etc., but a lot of these products tend to not be used to their entirety, as you later find out that a lot of them don’t really go hand-in-hand with your style or complexion, which can be very unbeneficial for your wallet.
It can be quite tedious to try cosmetics in stores, as one has to deal with utilizing the ‘try me’ products that have been used by God knows how many other ladies in town; therefore, people just often opt to purchase cosmetics without trying them out. They often just cross their fingers in hopes that they are rightly being guided by the products’ labels.
Thankfully, nowadays, this dilemma can easily be solved. Yes, there are a handful of applications for your iPhone that allow you to upload a photo of yourself so that you can try makeup by virtually applying it on your photo, before purchasing it. There is one application that ever since it was launched last month, it has been causing a great buzz among a lot of females of all ages for its innovative approach of providing users a life-like image of what they will really look like if they were to purchase a particular makeup product: GlamST.
GlamST is a groundbreaking application for IOS 7.0 or later that permits you to discover new makeup by selecting the makeup that you love so that you can virtually try it on your photo. Yes, from the comfort of your own phone, you can freely experiment with makeup. The goal of the creators of this application is to make women feel comfortable with their choices.
You can also utilize GlamST as a tool to generate new posts for your blog. With the help of this application, you can talk about trendy shades, favorite looks, new products, trendy products, and talk about the colors for the Christmas/winter/fall on your blog.
It is quite simple. For example, if you are going to write a post about winter looks, you can upload a photo in the application and download ten different looks and then talk about the products. If you prefer, you can use photos of models, actresses, singers, or etc. on the application to generate content.
As you can tell, with this application, the ideas are endless. You can do so much with it. If you want to start experimenting with makeup right now with the help of this application, feel free to visit

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