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Day: December 6, 2014

Connect your communications in one package for the entire USA

unifiedcommunicationsBusiness requires many different things, and good communications companies to back them up are just one of those many things. Along with your starting capital, merchandise or services to sell to your clientelle, none of it can happen without having someone who can provide you with communication tools that will fit your business needs.

With BroadConnect Telecom you get all the communications services you can possibly think of, and all provided with professional courtesy that you won’t find anywhere else. The hardware that is offered through their website is top notch giving you a professional look for your business while impressing your customers along the way.

The services you can find with BroadConnectTelecom include mobile services as well as conferencing for audio and video, long distance, Hosted call center and many more. With over 20 years in this industry they are the ones that will help your business be led to success.


Are you unsure what the needs of your business really are, and what equipment will help you grow your business along the path to success? That’s ok, as BroadConnectTelecom offers a consultancy to help you find the right equipment and the right plans that will fit all of your business needs.


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Allstate Auto Experts

533765_652617644756608_629720520_nWhen you crank up your car, do you ever ask who’s knocking? The knocking under your car’s hood is either a result of engine oil turning into sludge or the lack of oil. Engine oil helps lubricate engine parts, and when the oil is dirtied or running out, it can lead to severe engine damage.
If you have a newer car, you are likely to have a pressure sensor that will monitor the amount of oil. Unfortunately, many older cars do not have this feature and rely on other details. The knocking is one of the many signs to look for when dealing with the timing of oil changes.
However, you are confused, because everyone knows that 3,000 miles is the magic number for an oil change. You got your oil change 2,700 miles ago.

This is a big misconception many customers have. Hurry up and go to Allstate Auto Experts in Dallas, TX. Allstate Auto Experts offers big Texas size deals served up with a side of great southern hospitality. Allstate Auto Experts can help you determine your true magic number and what oil is right for your type of car. The oil change mileage depends on the car and the type of driver you are. If you frequent downtown Dallas, TX, you will make several stops in short distances. This causes more engine wear and will result in a need for an oil change before you reach 3,000 miles. If you like the long stretched roads of the Texas desert, the mileage between oil changes will increase. Allstate Auto Experts factors in all these variables when determining when you need your oil change.

Allstate Auto Experts likes to anticipate their customers needs and prevent future problems by offering a 30-point safety inspection. This can be done while getting your oil change.

If you are under 125,000, they offer free registration for Valvoline’s Engine Guarantee. It lasts for up to 300,000 miles. They offers are the 300,000 Mile Guarantee, the 225,000 Mile Guarantee, and the 150,000 Mile Guarantee. Each program come with future savings from Valvoline and its partners. The 300,000 mile guarantee includes uses Use Valvoline’s SynPower Full Synthetic or Valvoline’s MaxLife Full Synthetic oil which offers fantastic protection for the Texas heat. The 225,000 mile guarantee uses Valvoline’s MaxLife, Valvoline’s MaxLife NextGen, or DuraBlend Synthetic Blend. These are great for frequent stops at short distances. The 150,000 mile guarantee uses Valvoline’s Premium Conventional or Valvoline’s NextGen Conventional to enhance performance and engine life.

For an oil change, please contact Allstate Auto Experts at 972-296-8489.

Another company comes to mind when I am thinking about cars and trucks and that is Titan Transline, Inc. They are a great cross-border-trucking-usa company and their service is top notch and their goal is very simple and that is to satisfy their customers.


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