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COSIGN Application: An Innovative way to Make Money by Taking a Photo, Tagging it, & Sharing It

TIMLtYjYIt is not a secret that the Internet has a variety of different things to offer such as the opportunity of making money straight from the comfort of your own home. There are indeed an uncountable number of money making opportunities that one can choose to partake in, but opting to join the ones that have been the talk of the town for the last couple of years will not really produce a meaningful income, as the competition will be too grand.

At the moment, there are numerous of brand new money making opportunities that are causing a great deal of buzz on the Internet among individuals of all ages, but there is one, in particular, that is standing-out from the rest for its innovative approach that will benefit anybody who joins it no matter how popular it becomes in the future, which is what really makes it buzz-worthy:

COSIGN application:

The COSIGN application has just recently been funded by the public, and it is currently in the process of becoming established so that everybody can begin taking advantage of its many benefits. The co-founders of this innovative application are Esosa Ighodaro and Abiodun Johnson. Ms. Ighodora is a former marketing executive for Citigroup and she has a love for fashion, and Mr. Johnson is a successful engineer and entrepreneur. Both of them were fed up of seeing various products on social media networks that they’d totally liked, as they had no clue on their cost, the brand that had made them, and where to find them. For this reason, they decided to create an application that will resolve this matter while being an income source as well.

COSIGN has been considered the lifestyle application that pays. It basically rewards you for what you are more than likely doing already, every now and then, which is endorsing various products on your social media profiles. How many times have you posted a photo of a product that you just purchased or of an item that you just added to your wish list? Imagine getting paid every time somebody clicks on that image and purchases it? Well, that is what this application is all about.

Yes, this application rewards users for sharing the products that they have ‘cosigned’ on. This is definitely a brand new change to the role of word-of-mouth marketing. At the moment, there is no other application like it. The function of it is pretty easy and simple. You will simply have to take a photo of an item, such as a shirt you spied at a shop, then you would ‘tag it’ with the price, retailer, and brand name of it. After performing this action, you will share it via your social media profiles so that all of your friends can view it. If a purchase results from somebody clicking on your photo, you will earn cash and various rewards.

As soon as the co-founders made the idea of this application public, the well-known business mogul Russell Simmons partnered with them so that this application becomes the exclusive Live stream destination for his upcoming menswear runway show. Ighodaro and Johnson are already planning to formally launch the COSIGN application for both Apple and Android devices in the following months.


COSIGN will conduct photo tracking in order to provide users with all the statistics on the activity that involves their photos. You take a photo, tag an item, share it on your social media profiles, and potentially earn cash when somebody clicks on it. Anybody can do it!

COSIGN has already partnered with more than 1,200 brands and retailers across the country, such as Nordstrom’s, Walmart and Macy’s, to create a database that consists of more than thirteen million products that users can tag and upload in different categories, such as travel, drink and food, accessories and clothing, wellness and beauty, and many other categories as well.

The co-founders of this one-of-a-kind application strongly believe that word-of-mouth marketing is the number one factor that keeps retailers and brands alive. The issue here is that people don’t get compensated for spreading the word of any particular product. For this reason, this innovative application was created to basically reward normal day people, as they are one of the main endorsers of everything that sells around the globe.

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