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I Can Change the World!: A New Exciting Children’s Book by I See Me!

i-can-change-the-world-personalized-book-4Over the years, publisher I See Me! has introduced, on the market, numerous of one-of-a-kind personalized children’s books, which have become award-winning for their striking illustrations and engaging stories that make children and parents alike see the world in a more positive light. The latest title of I See Me! is ‘I Can Change the World!’, which was written by Jennifer Dewing to inspire children to spread kindness and give back to their respective community.

This book alsoempowers children to believe in who they are and their ability to affect change around them. By collecting food, being a good friend, conducing chores, utilizing manners, and etc., a child has the ability to spread kindness and change the world. Children are our future; therefore, as a parent, one has tointroduce themto positive things that can contribute to their knowledge in order for them to be the best people they can be in this world, such as engaging books.

It has been proven, by various studies conducted by experts, that children who read enhance their intelligence, reduce mind shift gears, have greater tranquility, show improvement in analytical thinking, have an increase in vocabulary, have improvement in memory, and there is an improvement in theirwriting skills. In addition, books can help them to begin developing goals in life, especially if the book contains positive messages.

I Can Change the World! is replete with numerous of positive messages that are both inspiring and uplifting. It teaches children that change can begin to take its course with the actions of just one single person. The illustrations that this book contains, which were illustrated by Parisian artist Marie Cardouat, will have you and your child glued to every page, as they are colorful and very detail-oriented.

The I See Me! team are indeed very excited about the release of this book that they have created a social campaign called #ShareYourSmile. Using this hashtag, you can post a photo ofyour child or yourself smiling and a caption that pertains to a good deedthat your child or youperformed this year. The photo and caption can be posted on theI See Me! Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook page. This publisher has created an online site that will showcase every photo that is submitted:

The inspiring children’s book I Can Change the World! can be purchased on It can come personalized with your child’s name on the cover and throughout the book as well. To make it even more special, gift givers can include aprinted dedication in the beginning of the book and a photo of the child.

The mission of I See Me! is to make every child feel special…one book at a time. In addition to children books that are personalized, this publishers offers a variety of other things, such as puzzles, placemats, stickers, personalized growth charts, unique personalized gifts, and etc. For more information, feel free to visit Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter so that you can always be one of the first ones to receive promotional offers.

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