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Day: November 21, 2014

Powerskin Announces one cent Cyber Monday Promotion

        powerskinPopular Portable Charging Solution to Be Available for a Penny –

Regular Price of $49.99-$59.99

IRVINE, CA, – PowerSkin, a leader in portable power solutions on November -17- 2014 announced an incredible Cyber Monday promotion – consumers will be able to purchase the popular PoP’n battery pack for only a penny, plus $7.99 for shipping & handling.  The battery packs are available for Android phones and iPhone 5 & 4 and currently are available for between $49.99 and $59.99.

The offer is available to consumers in the continental United States, all day Cyber Monday, December 1 from 12:00am – 11:59pm (ET).  Orders can be placed at and the code “penny” must be entered at checkout.  There is a limit of one unit per email address and the offer is for all “PoP’n” packs with the exception of the PoP’n 2.  The chargers are available in a variety of colors including white, black, red and pink.

PoP’n portable chargers provide a strong boost of power in a completely versatile design. PoP’n is not a battery case, it’s a hybrid. Its unique design allows for quick, on the go power, only when needed. Press PoP’n right onto the back of a smooth surfaced smartphone or case, charge the phone up, pull PoP’n off and it’s ready to go! PoP’n’s slim design easily fits in a pocket, any bag, clutch, or purse and adds a bold dash of color to a phone should you want to accessorize and show your own personal style.  The PoP’n chargers feature a 10mm case and lightweight design, weighing only 3.03 ounces with 2000 mAh battery.

About PowerSkin®
PowerSkin®, is a leading provider of built-in battery cases and universal portable power solutions for popular iOS, Andriod, and Windows smartphones, tablets, and other rechargeable devices.  Their staple is sleek, modern, one-piece designs and patented innovations that fit your phone and fit your style. PowerSkin is backed by exclusive XPAL Inside™ technologies including: short circuit/overcharge protection, thermal management heat dissipation, pass-through charging (i.e.: device is charged first, followed by the case when plugged in), and flame retardant- highest industry standard UL94 v-0 rating.  Designed to be your go-to, go-anywhere, go on-and-on power source, PowerSkin® has got you – and your phone – covered. For more information, visit

About XPAL Power

XPAL Power, a subsidiary of TennRich International, is a California-based corporation with its sales and marketing team located in the United States. The TennRich design team is located in Taiwan, and the company-owned factory in Shenzhen, PRC is the first factory in China to focus on rechargeable lithium polymer batteries and is currently one of the largest manufacturers of portable power packs in Asia. The  XPAL Inside™ seal stands for quality, safety and efficiency – a guarantee that these traits are inside every product that authenticates through the XPAL verification service. XPAL Verified is an authentication process that underscores our commitment to quality, using complex algorithms to detect and transfer battery serial numbers to verify our product’s legitimacy – a safeguard customers can trust. For more information, please visit

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A Beautiful Diamond Wedding Band For The Bride

adfsr3940-1Women who want to proudly display their marital status can do so by wearing the women diamond wedding band. The band itself is made with a sparkling white gold that is easy on the eye and is paired well with other jewelry accessories, such as earring and necklaces. While the ring is available in white gold, each woman who will be wearing the wedding band can choose which precious metal color they prefer, including yellow gold or even rose gold.
On the front of the wedding band, there are several diamonds lined up together in columns. Each of the diamonds on the band has a round shape, all of which fit perfectly together on it. From the best jewelers in the world Avianne  and company .The white diamonds are the perfect size for a wedding band because they are not too large or too small. The beautiful wedding band with its clear, high-quality diamonds is available in many sizes, making it convenient for those with smaller or larger fingers who would still like to wear this timeless piece. No wedding is complete without the right ring, and this is the type of ring that women want.

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Save Money Shopping During the Holidays While Still Giving Back

vaQVnzzi_400x400Technology has certainly enhanced life in the modern age. We have information, entertainment, and interaction with others at our fingertips, with a quick tapping of keys or shift of a mouse. The world and all that it has to offer is now scaleable for any one who wants to look. One of the big things in our lives that the internet and the marvelous technology behind it has changed, is how we shop. Before the explosion of the internet into almost every home, purse, and pocket, shopping required of us things that many of us now see as inconveniences. Shopping for anything that you can think of or that you may want is simple. Marketing and competition for your consumer dollars has also evolved fairly quickly over the last few years.

The ability to buy just about anything on the internet, from dog chew toys, to a new house, has, very much, changed the way that people buy just about everything! Most modern households will use the internet, somewhere along buying the process, to look, show, price, or aide in making final buying decisions on just about any big ticket or much desired item. Buying or researching products online gives the consumer the ability to compare prices, products, services, additional incentive offers, set up buy alerts, and search multiple sites or sellers offers too. Online Shopping also allows you to take advantage of exclusive promotions, special pricing periods, or special incentives offered by affiliates like Giving Assistant.or by the product manufacturer.

Using online shopping malls, or special membership sites like Giving Assistant you can save money, take advantage of exclusive rebates and instant discounts, cash back offers, incentive kick backs, and exclusive special member offers. Giving Assistant is partnered with over 2000 online retailers like Amazon and WalMart. You can shop the things you want with reputable retailers that you already know, and you can save up to 6% on every purchase you make through your Giving Assistant portal. You can also take advantage of cash back incentive offers and affiliate bonuses for sharing your link to your Giving Assistant hub with your friends, family, and social networks. You can take your cash back via Check, Debit Cards, or you may donate some or all of your cash back bonus money to any one of the many non profit partners which are also offered on the site.

Most of the households with internet access , have one big thing in common, almost all consumers with internet access will purchase things on the internet. Reducing the retailing costs by providing an online shopping portal, enables online sellers to pass some rewards on to their consumers. The constant competition online also forces manufacturers and retailers to sell their goods more competitive pricing or incentives to woo new customers and that means that you can often get much better prices than you could offline at a brick and mortar retail portal.




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