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The Smarter Screen Protector

IG_5_StampIt would be very surprising to find someone who has not dropped their phone at least once since they bought it. On averagely most of us drop it more regularly either out of carelessness or just purely accidentally. This causes a lot of damage to the screen and more often than not you are forced to replace the screen, which will definitely leave you a few hundred dollars poorer depending on the make. Putting it in our pockets or handbags for ladies is not the safest place for your phone either as those keys or coins in there too will cause equal if not more damage.

IntelliAMOR understands how much you love your phone and the extra cost that a damaged screen can cause you and so it brings you the smarter screen protector. This is probably the best thing that will ever happen to your phones screen. It simply means no more scratches to your screen and no more screen cracks.

What Smarter Screen protector has to offer:
Smarter screen protector is not your ordinary screen guard. If screen protectors were a pack of wolves then this would definitely be the Alpha male in the pack. Here is what this screen guard has to offer you if you choose to buy it.


It is made from real glass unlike most screen protectors you are likely to find in the market. As a result of this you retains 99.9% accuracy your phones touch screen ability and clarity. This is a conservative way of saying that you will not notice any difference in the touch ability and clarity of your phones’ screen.
This screen protector is made from hardened glass that has also been specially treated to ensure no scratches or cracks to your screen. As a matter of fact the protector takes every hit and scratch on behalf of your phone but you will hardly notice any changes on the smarter screen protector.
It has an oleophobic coating. Am sure many people would agree that those fingerprints that appear on your screen every time you use your phone are so annoying. Many a times you are forced to wipe your screen regularly to get rid of them. With this screen protector you can kiss goodbye to the ugly fingerprints as you will never have to see them again on your screen.
It is easy to install and does not form bubbles and permanent residue. This means that you can remove it anytime you want and you will hardly notice it was ever there. Bubbles on the other hand are so annoying since you have to keep on removing the screen protector to get rid of them. The advanced silicone adhesion ensures you don’t have to go through this.
It is amazingly slim, very light and designed to fit your phone perfectly. With smarter screen protector on your phone you can hardly notice it’s there.


The only significant and noticeable disadvantage of the smarter screen protector is that it is quite limited in the type of phones it can be used on. There are plenty of different phone makes out there whose user would like to use this protector on but it is not available for their devices.
Why you should buy it:

The price is extremely cheap compared to the service it promises you. It is currently retailing online at between $11 and $13. For that price you cannot get any other screen protector of its caliber.
It is guaranteed to last the lifetime of your phone. This will save you a lot of money in the long term both in terms of replacing your screen and buying another screen protector.

The verdict:
This is the perfect screen protector for anyone who wants to protect their smartphone screen. I would highly recommend it as it is a choice that you will not regret.

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