The Smoothest Shave Possible

41+UAy+9dRL__SY355_With most razors today it is pretty hard to get a truly smooth shave. It is most likely because the design of most razors today favor multiple blades as opposed to using one blade, even though professional barbers have used 1 blade for over 100 years and continue to still use 1 blade today. The Micro Touch One Razor is a single blade razor that offers the user an experience that is both smooth and timeless. Made of solid brass and chrome plated, you can tell the Micro Touch One Razor is built to last and will not fall apart easily like most other razors today.

When you are shaving usually your hands are fairly wet and it can be quite easy to have the razor slip in your hands making your shave quite unpleasant. The Micro Touch One Razor’s outfitted with seamless grips built right into the design of the body of the brass razor making any kind of slippage or fumbling near impossible when shaving with the Micro Touch One Razor.

Another incredible strong suit of the Micro Touch One Razor is that it is not only durable and superior in shave quality but also incredibly affordable. Coming in at 19.99 for the razor and 12 blades, the Micro Touch One Razor is an incredible value. Most razors you will find in the store will be right around this price and will generally only come with 2 or maybe 3 blades.

Finally, the nice thing about the Micro Touch One Razor is its simple, sleek, easy-to-use design. Having only one fine blade in your razor makes replacement incredibly easy and quick. The Micro Touch One Razor is simply continuing on the century long tradition of single blade razors, and they do it well. The Micro Touch One Razor is such a classic, traditional and close shave that it is really hard to ignore this incredibly well built razor.