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IceScreen Magnetic Ice Shield; Smart Way to Protect Your Vehicle

Car maintenance is a difficult and time-consuming job, regardless of your vehicle’s condition. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about complicated car repair jobs, or simpler tasks such as scraping the ice off your windshield during the colder expensive at all, and it will do much more than just keep ice off your windshield. Using this product will alsomonths. If you are a driver, then you’ve probably performed this task numerous times, because your windshield gets easily covered by a layer of ice when the temperatures outside drop below zero. If you country has a colder climate, then we are absolutely sure that the process of scraping ice off your windshield has become very tedious, but don’t despair, because there is a quick and easy solution to your problems – the IceScreen Magnetic Ice Shield. This great new item isn’t  make driving during the cold months much safer tasks, because you won’t have absolutely any visibility issues due to the complete lack of ice on your windshield.

So what makes the IceScreen Magnetic Ice Shield so special? This product is fairly new, but it is already being used by thousands of drivers who live in countries that are known for their harsh winter months, and according to the latest sales figures it is quickly gaining popularity across the entire world. Scraping the ice off your windshield can often take up to 10-20 minutes, and even more if you don’t have the right equipment. In the meantime mounting the IceScreen Magnetic Ice Shield takes just 1-2 minutes, and you won’t notice any ice on your windshield even if you leave your car out in the cold for days. The product is so durable that it can be used for years, and thanks to the handy self-storage bag you get. It will take minimum space while you keep it unmounted in your car. The shield features a double water proof design that will prevent water from staying on your windshield long enough for it to freeze. The mounting technique is incredibly simple& effective, so you will be able to easily mount & unmount the IceScreen Magnetic Ice Shield in a matter of minutes. The product’s designers have also come with up a unique security pocket that will help the IceScreen Magnetic Ice Shield to endure strong winds, as well as protect it from thieves.

Did we mention that the shield features two sides? The more unique one will protect your windshield from ice & frost, but if you turn the shield you’ll find a reflective coating that will keep the sun away from the interior of your car. This way you won’t risk your dashboard, steering wheel and front seats’ condition during the hot summer months. The mounting mechanism consists of 4 to 7 magnetic pockets, as well as two flaps which are secured by your car’s doors, so you can rest assured that your IceScreen Magnetic Ice Shield won’t disappear during a windy night.

And if you are worried about your car’s aesthetics, then you’ll be pleased to know that the IceScreen Magnetic Ice Shield comes in several color schemes that will match your vehicle’s style & maintain its good visual appearance. You can also get a custom logo or text printed on your shield for some extra money, so don’t hesitate to visit the official website if you’d like to see all the customization options. The affordable price & 5-year warranty are other two things that we think turn this product in one of the best and most helpful car accessories many drivers have seen in years.

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