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Exploit Advanced Technology For Exponentially Enhanced Time Management

budgetingA hidden detour waits beneath vastly accelerated pace of 21st-century Information Highways to set secret baits for hapless travelers on the fastest lanes in Cyberspace. Best known as “sensory bombardment,” this insidious foe executes its M.O. with non-stop exposure to mass quantities of novel concepts and emergent trends. If left unchecked, the disorder results in full-blown sensory deprivation by blocking all knowledge assimilation of recent developments with direct relevance to each Web surfer.

Fortunately, new-age technology provides its own best prevention with numerous inventions to filter infinite audio/visual input to a few essential data without disruption of manual intervention. Glean the best means to auto-optimize time management by feasting your eyes on the high-tech tools outlined below.

Automated schedule assistant

Google Calendar integrates many great features for regaining and retaining full control over even the busiest schedule filled with dozens of daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Upon receiving emails related to upcoming meetings or other significant dates, merely select “create an event” from a dropdown menu at the top of your g-mail inbox. An adjacent tab opens instantly that displays all pertinent details in pre-filled text input fields.

At that point, you may set recurring auto-emails or desktop pop-ups to remind you of specific details about prescheduled events. Even better news is that you can choose separate frequencies for each recurring reminder that range between 1 minute and 30 hours. Moreover, no multiple manual re-entries are required to receive reminders of recurring events like weekly computer scans or monthly conferences. Instead, check a “repeat” button underneath the date just once during initial entry to activate recurring reminders that auto-generate at any desired time interval.

Still another pair of particularly handy Google Task tools are free downloadable multiple calendars to view future events while offline and guest invitations to any given event that may be sent via email with a single mouse click. Finally yet importantly is a free lab add-on that self-installs in seconds and creates an automated chronological daily schedule that arrives each morning via email at exactly 5:00 o’clock sharp in your local time zone.

Vast value of task timers

A huge array of freeware and cheap shareware apps is freely available in both Web-based and downloadable formats that let users set deadlines for individual tasks far ahead of time. For instance, Gmail integrates Google Tasks, a compact interface to get a bird’s eye view of itemized “To Do” lists by glancing at the bottom left corner of your screen.

Sub-entries can be nested under each numbered task to note extra info like completion deadlines or related emails and website URLs. Google Tasks even features customized multiple lists for centralized storage of different sets of similar data. For example, you might name one list “Unpaid Monthly Bills” and give another group of tasks a title like “Pending Projects.”

Expedite extraordinary oversight

Various high-tech implements are designed to personalize time management. Thus, you may put weekly budgeting chores on autopilot. On the other hand, you might choose to write and schedule emails for delivery well in advance. Your speed might be reconfiguring RSS feeds for selective delivery of data to your email inbox with nary a mouse click needed for timely news receipt that will never vary.

Final word on future-generation time management automation

Although finding the right high-tech tools with features and capabilities that best suit your specific needs requires an initial time investment, long-term ROI well justifies relatively miniscule acquisition cost. In fact, this author can personally attest to that fact. Early on in my career, I hesitated several weeks to spend a few hours locating free browser add-ons and extensions specially geared toward facilitating great literary works.

Final yielding to persuasion and persistent prodding from colleagues proved quite prudent, however. After spending nearly 6 hours of an 8-hour workday to read about and install several apps that are specially designed to assist online content writers, I witnesses a rise in gross income equal to almost 20 hours of extra effort – without one nanosecond of self-directed overtime!

This delightful equation of enhanced earnings potential was possible only with exceptionally increased productivity enabled by advanced electronics technology. Take a very valuable vicarious lesson from my experience. Put new-age technology to the task of solving age-old time management problems today!

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