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Mobile Ad Spend up 109%, Video Ads up 65% Year over Year

iPhone-4-1A new report from Turn’s new advertising intelligence index report says that the first quarter 2014 ad spend is looking great for mobile and video ads.  On a year over year basis, mobile ad spend rocketed up by 109%, and video ad spend went up significantly, at 65%.  Turn based these findings on the over two trillion ads that they monitor across display, mobile, social and video per month.

In addition to the general growth in total dollars being spent, Turn found that real time bidding is being used significantly more than traditional methods of ad trading.  Not surprisingly, programmatic ad spending continues to outpace other methods of choosing which ads to purchase as well.

While mobile and video were the clear winners in this report, traditional display and social advertising didn’t do to badly either.  They boasted a 20% jump in the budgets dedicated to these platforms.

Managing director EMEA, Turn, Pierre Naggar said, “Spend and competition are increasing in mature markets, leading to smarter data-driven budget allocation this year.  Brands and agencies are using sophisticated audience-first strategies to drive planning for programmatic advertising, turning insights into an advantage against the competition.”

This report is just the latest evidence that digital advertising has been embraced by brands around the world, and they continue to direct a growing percentage of their marketing budgets to online platforms.  Even with the ongoing issues related to digital ad fraud, the online marketing has been proven to be a great investment in advertising dollars.

Written by Michael Levanduski

Michael Levanduski is the assistant editor of Performance Marketing Insider, and an experienced freelance writer. He writes content for a wide range of sites in virtually every niche, though he specializes in technical writing as well as creating content for the performance and internet marketing industry. Michael was born in Grand Rapids, MI where he still lives with his wife and three children.

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