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North Korea denies hacking Sony

. View photo A security guard stands at the entrance of United Artists theater during the premiere of the film “The Interview” in Los Angeles, December 11, 2014. REUTERS/Kevork Djansezian By Jack Kim and Steve Holland Related Stories Sony looks for possible North Korea link in hacking incident: report Reuters In North Korea, hackers are […]

The Criminal Law Group of Donich Law in Toronto Can Effectively Defend You from DUI Charges

If you currently reside in Toronto or the surrounding areas of this grand city and have recently been charged for driving under the influence (DUI), there are numerous of law firms that can assist you, but the Donich Law Professional Corporation firm keeps dominating this area of the law due to its extensive experience and […]

10 budgeting/finance tips for tech-savvy Millennials

1. Set a Realistic Budget: Easier said than done, you actually have to sit down with your known monthly expenses and find a budget that works for you. Be realistic about it, the numbers don’t lie. Simply writing out a budget may avail opportunities to cut back spending or save money in ways that were previously […]

Car Accidents: Considering Making a Claim choose Barber Law Firm

Every year, millions of Americans are involved in car accidents. Often times, these accidents could have been avoidable. When this is the case, a person will have the opportunity to seek legal action so that they can have their medical bills paid, their vehicle repaired or find justice for avoidable suffering. Car accidents are classified […]

Wall Street fixed on Fed as oil hits 2009 low

Asian markets digest Japanese elections and a new report projecting further slowing growth in China Related Stories Energy shares lead Wall Street higher; telecoms slip Reuters Oil helps Europe shares close higher; BP jumps CNBC Yen Holds Gain as Crude Oil Declines; Aussie Near Four-Year Low Bloomberg Wall Street on standby as Europe stages a […]

GlamST: A Buzzworthy Life-Like Application for iOS that Allows You to Try Makeup on Your Selfie

Women tend to have a grand love for clothes, shoes, handbags, and of course, makeup. Makeup, in particular, is a multi-billion dollar industry. When a new cosmetic is released on the market, it often sells like hotcakes. Makeup is able to bring women a sense of empowerment, which can be very beneficial when they step […]

Connect your communications in one package for the entire USA

Business requires many different things, and good communications companies to back them up are just one of those many things. Along with your starting capital, merchandise or services to sell to your clientelle, none of it can happen without having someone who can provide you with communication tools that will fit your business needs. With […]

Allstate Auto Experts

When you crank up your car, do you ever ask who’s knocking? The knocking under your car’s hood is either a result of engine oil turning into sludge or the lack of oil. Engine oil helps lubricate engine parts, and when the oil is dirtied or running out, it can lead to severe engine damage. […]

A Review of the Serenity Sleep Mask that Promises You to Have an Uninterrupted Sleep Every Night

When the rooster sings at 6 a.m. and then soon after the bright morning sunrays bombard your face while you are in your sleep–can definitely be a very upsetting situation to say the least. When your sleep is interrupted, you are not able to function throughout the day as you normally would if you would’ve […]

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