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What Does an “Affordable Phone” Mean in 2018?

A few years ago, an Indian startup promised to launch a smartphone with a pretty decent configuration that would only cost around $4. As you might expect, the interest in such a product was through the roof – Freedom 251 was pre-ordered by more than 30,000 buyers before its website crashed under the pressure. Unfortunately, this dirt cheap smartphone seems to have been nothing but a scam – although the manufacturer claims to have delivered 5,000 units, its managing director Mohit Goel was later arrested for fraud.

A $4 phone does sound unrealistic today but it’s not as far from becoming a reality as it sounds. Smartphone manufacturers have understood that to break into growth markets like Africa and some South American nations (not to mention India, one of the biggest market for Chinese phone manufacturers) they have to adapt their offer to the realities of these markets. And to do so, they will have to produce handsets with a decent hardware and a low price that the potential customers in these areas will be able to afford.

Some manufacturers have already started to release handsets that might not be the highest-performance ones out there but they are at least very cheap. EuroStar’s ONYX-1S, for example, has a configuration more than capable of browsing the web, playing at online casinos, watching videos, and playing music, and it also comes with a decent camera and a 5″ screen, and can be bought for as low as around $60. Other manufacturers – usually Chinese – also offer their customers smartphones with similar prices that might not be good enough for the Westerners but they are perfect for other, emerging markets. And they redefine the concept of an “affordable phone”.

Of course, these phones are not fitted with the latest Qualcomm or Samsung chips – but they have pretty decent MediaTek processors that have an acceptable performance at a low price. They don’t have 4,000mAh batteries – but they make do with 2,500. And their internal storage is also usually limited to 8 or 16 gigabytes, but it can be expanded with the use of memory cards. And they will also be on par with the market leaders, too, when it comes to security thanks to initiatives like Google’s latest Android Oreo Go Edition, built with exactly these affordable but limited-performance handsets in mind.

We are seeing perhaps the biggest price gap between the cheapest and the most expensive smartphones in history. We have handsets on both ends of the spectrum – on one hand, we have the 256GB iPhone X that costs $1,149, on the other, we have the EuroStar ONYX-1S with a $60 price tag.

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Enjoy Learning With Educational Applications

Technology has come a long way in the field of education. Students prefer to learn by using interactive educational application than boring school books. Technology is not showing any signs of slowing down and teachers and parents don’t seem to have any problem in using educational apps when it comes to their children’s education.

Educational applications are becoming more and more popular every day. Students can have access to numerous attractive features from these mobile applications which helps them to learn in an easy and fun way. The educational app market is flooded with numerous applications which helps students in their academics. But choosing the right app is very important. Some interesting features of educational apps and benefits of using them for learning are given in the points below.


  • Interactive Learning Methods


The introduction of mobile applications in the educational field has created new methods of learning which is beyond the walls of schools and educational institutes. Students can learn and solve various maths topics like probability, fractions, calculus, etc. with the help of fun games available on the apps. This helps students to understand the concepts and basics from a different perspective.


  • Visualization


Visual engagement is one of the best methods to make students learn. The educational applications come with colorful video lessons so that students can visualize every concept in a better way. The video lessons also come with attractive features like 3D animations and in air projections. This help students to retain the basic concepts for a longer period of time.


  • E-Books


Online studying has become a new trend in this generation. Nowadays students prefer to study from e-books rather than from chunky school books. Students can get any books from library applications which are present in the app market. It also becomes easier for students to select the appropriate books in the app market.



  • Instant Updates


The educational applications not only provide study materials, books and learning tips but also keeps students updated about latest school exams, campus events, competitive exam information, timetables, alerts and other important details.



  • Enhanced communication


Proper communication between parents, teachers, and students is crucial for a student’s development. The mobile apps come with features which provide a platform where parents and teachers can interact with each other. This helps in building a strong relationship between them. Teachers can respond to queries from parents regarding their child’s development which in turn will help in the progress of the child.

Visit Mathematics Discussion Forum and join the online education discussion forum to get involved in the open discussion on various interesting maths topics. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel to watch interactive videos on various science and math topics.


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Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Collaboration Tool

Thanks to the internet, there is no shortage of tools that one can use for work.

Working from home? There are tools for you. Cab to the office taking too long? No worries, you can log into an online platform where you can start working on whatever you need to accomplish for the day. Members of your teams located in different parts of the world? Yep, there are tools for that, too.

For any of these situations, a collaboration tool is the answer.

A collaboration tool helps people to collaborate. The purpose of a collaboration tool is to support a group of two or more individuals to accomplish a common goal or objective they have set themselves (source).” This definition can refer to good old paper and pen. In this instance, however, we are referring to software or programs that aid in team collaboration.

The last couple of decades saw the rise of these handy programs. Whether a company operates in a traditional manner or is comprised of remote workers, a collaboration tool is a definite must-have. It is useful in any type of office in any type of industry. It is used in retail, food business, government, education, medicine, and in various other fields. In fact, a lone freelancer without a collaboration tool will find getting work done with clients or business partners an extra challenge.

While it’s well and good that there are dozens and dozens of collaboration tools available in the market today, having too many options can be a headache, too.

Imagine just wanting a good tool for working with a team and then being presented with dozens of options.

Here are questions that you need to ask to avoid a potential analysis paralysis situation. Hopefully, these factors will aid you in choosing the most ideal collaboration tool for your company.

1. Is it a standalone tool or a multi-purpose tool?

One question to ask when shopping around for a collaboration tool is whether the platform is standalone or comes with multi-purpose features.

Not all collaboration tools are created equal. This is perhaps due to the fact that collaboration covers a broad spectrum of activities. When you collaborate, you communicate, you share files, you manage a series of tasks that all contribute in the accomplishment of a certain project.

Some tools are ideal for chatting, emailing, or general correspondence. Others focus on file storage or data sharing. There are also some that make project management the focal point.

So should you choose a tool that allows for chatting alone and a different program for sharing files? Or should you pick a platform that lets you tick all aspects of collaboration in one go?

Studies show that teams prefer to work using full-featured tools over standalone programs.

Eileen O’Loughlin, Software Advice:

While specialized tools can boost efficiency in one area, they lack the capacity to meet multiple needs at once. For example: a chat tool may restrict attachment file sizes, or a content management application may lack an activity feed.

One downside, of course, is that programs with multi-purpose features may be crazy complicated. They can be quite pricey, too, when you compare them to standalone collaboration services.

What you can do is find the sweet spot between full-service but simple and affordable. At the very least, you will want a tool that has these three features: allows your team to send messages, has storage for file sharing, and lets you coordinate on tasks for accomplishing projects.

Dead Drop software, for instance, is a full-featured collaboration tool that is not only affordable but also quite simple to use. This cloud-based platform allows teams to send messages to one another, share or store files, and run projects using the calendar.

2. What’s your budget?

Expounding on the point we have made above, let’s explore another question to ask when choosing a collaboration tool: what’s your budget?

Siv Rauv, Elcom:

Most online collaboration tools are available at a low monthly subscription cost — but there are also some open source platforms available for startups and organisations that aren’t ready to commit. Professional solutions are often priced out at a per seat rate, so it becomes important to compare different tools based on cost.

The budget issue will likely be affected by the size of your company. This is because most tools charge subscription fees per user. Basically, the bigger the number of users who access the tools, the higher the monthly bill would be.

Conversely, there are also tools that offer all-in or fixed monthly plans. This may be a good option if your team is on the larger side or you have no clear picture of your manpower in the near future.

3. Does it offer free trial or free demo?

One way to learn how a collaboration tool works is by trying it out. This is where free trials or free demos come in handy. If a platform isn’t offered on trial, you might want to steer clear of it.

Depending on the vendor, some free trials consist of only a few basic features. Some, however, will let you explore and try every facet of the program. This way, you will know exactly that you will be paying for, if ever you do sign up for a plan.

Have your team try one or two tools before signing up for a paid subscription. As a result, if you do end up signing up for a particular tool, the teething stage would be shorter for your team.

4. How secure is it?

Security is a major factor to consider when you are shopping around for your team’s collaboration tool.

Just imagine: ideas that flow through your company are worth a lot of money. When these ideas are stored in an online platform, it’s imperative that you make security a top priority when choosing a collaboration tool.

Most vendors would disclose just how secure their platforms are so you simply need to browse their FAQ section before you make the decision to sign up.

5. Does the tool answer your team’s specific problem/s?

Different teams have different needs. Before you choose a collaboration tool, take time to analyze how your team interacts first.

Do they prefer to use real-time chat rooms as a venue to collaborate? Do they like to use emails to coordinate on projects? Do you have remote workers whom your team need to video call often?

By knowing how your team collaborate, you will be able to choose the tool that best fit your business.

Some full-featured collaboration tools available in the market today focus on the real-time interactive side of working together. They showcase chat or commenting functions so that teams can talk about what they are working on as they work on them. If your team loves to chat, these are tools you may want to look into.

Speaking of work to get done, there are also platforms that come with handy checklists or to-do lists. These can prove quite useful for teams that love to tick items off after finishing with certain tasks.

If your team is also using Google Drive, Dropbox, and other online tools, you might want to invest in a collaboration tool that allows for integration.

Another factor that you might need to consider is whether a tool allows for secure business to business collaboration. There are tools that can be used only by one team or company. There are some, like Dead Drop, that are suitable for collaboration with external entities, such as clients, business partners, and other parties who may not be part of the company. These types of tools are quite useful for collaboration beyond only one team.

If you find a collaboration tool that has the right answers for these questions, consider yourself lucky. You and your team will be well on your way to accomplishing many goals. Of course, we reiterate that you take advantage of the free trial offers first. A trial is a good test whether a program is a good fit for your team.

Go forth and dive into the wonderful world of collaboration tools. Trust us, one or two will make your work life much better.

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Advantages Brought about by Omni Channel Retailing

We’re all aware of the problems that existed prior to the introduction of Omni channel retailing. It is something that most businesses have to deal with on a regular basis (at least the ones who haven’t adopted Omni channel strategies anyway). But the truth of the matter is, with the rapid shift towards Omni channel retailing, it has changed the entire landscape for retail, even with local businesses. So let’s discuss what significant changes were enacted with this medium of retail.  

Changes brought about by Omni channel retail

Omni channel retail focuses primarily on consolidating the brick & mortar and the online experience in one platform. It the convenience and ease of online shopping, merged with the versatility of the offline stores. Omni retailing is heavily dependent on IT and it is projected that by the year 2020 there will a massive growth in IT budgets for Omni-Channel marketing platforms. And not just that, Omni Channel Retailing is set to bring about a huge reform in the way customers and businesses interact with each other. It is estimated that 90% of all sales are still done via Brick and Mortar mediums and so with the introduction of Omni channels, it is deemed to grow even more So what significant changes does it introduce in the mainstream? Let’s discuss it with the eye of both the customer and retailer.

Changes for Customer

    1. More information: The customer has access to a huge database of information about the products just like they would in an online store. This inspires the customer to buy with more confidence.  


  • Product Enquiry: Since the customer can check for product availability beforehand, it becomes easier for them to book products in advance if they have lower stocks. Also they can compare products before they actually buy it, so it saves time.
  • Time Saving: In an Omni Channel retail system, products are catalogued beforehand; hence, it becomes easier for them to find it, if they are shopping in the traditional fashion.
  • Convenience: Because in an Omni Channel system, you can shop both offline and online, it becomes easier for the customer to shop according to their time schedule.


Changes for the Business:


  • Confidence Inspiring: Because businesses can build offline retail stores for their products, it inspires more confidence for the customer to stick to that brand. It also means that the business is doing well in the eyes of the customer and that they won’t be going anywhere soon.
  • Targeted marketing: With the help of Omni Channel distribution and marketing, businesses can gather more information on the customer and their shopping habits, leading them to display more relevant or targeted ads at the customer.  
  • Tracking Trends: Since the business has more data now, they can keep track of product selling trends and effectively improve their existing inventory for higher profits.
  • Better customer support: Again, the data gathered from various channels can be converted into knowledge for the ground staff and they can be more efficient.
  • Converting Traffic: The personalised ads means that there is higher chance for the business to turn online traffic into foot traffic and use cross sell and up sell opportunities, all under one platform.


Certainly, Omni channel distribution is the way forward for any business. The prospect of having more customers shop at their convenience is always a boon and it effectively increases the total business profits and keeps it relevant.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 the features and price

Mi Band 3

After the success of Xiaomi Mi band 2, sales champion, the first photos of the next band for sportsmen Xiaomi Mi Band 3 appear on the web.

Expected by many users, record-breaking sales of its predecessor the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 will inherit the excellent atmosphere and design of all the products of the Chinese giant.

Xiaomi Mi band 3 Launch

The rumors behind the release of Mi band 3 are different, but unfortunately, there is still no confirmation of the date of launch of this activity tracker. The months pass and after the first appearance on the net check also the expected launch price.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 features

The Xiaomi Band in addition to the classic functions li the e pedometer, recording and analysis of sleep, smart alarm clock, heart rate sensor and app notification to the wristband, Band 3 will introduce the NFC feature even allowing you to monitor household appliances. The other novelty is certainly the presence of a slot that can accommodate a phone SIM that will allow you to make and receive calls directly from the Band.

Battery life? The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 will be able to obtain a superior autonomy of its predecessor reaching over 30 days with only one recharge.

Xiaomi Mi band 3 price

The price of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 will be 199 yuan, about $ 32, an amount clearly in line with the other Xiaomi products, the Mi Band 2 is now being sold for $ 25, although numerous advantageous offers can be found.

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Top Smart Home Technology Introduced In 2018

Technology is one of the coolest tools of creators, and recently, has been used to make things around the house a little easier for homeowners to navigate.  Smart home technology not only makes your home your partner in life, it also boosts the value of your property.  

A home appraisal for a property that has no smart technology will almost always result in a lower estimate than a home equipped with fancy tech tools and gadgets.  Check out some of today’s most popular pieces of smart home technology, and get the best of 2018 for your home.  

The Foldimate

Now your house can help you with the laundry.  The Foldimate does exactly what you might think it does; It helps you fold laundry.  It is not a completely autonomous laundry folding machine, but all the user has to do is feed the laundry into the machine one piece at a time.  

The Foldimate will take your clothes into the top of the machine and deposit them, perfectly folded, out of the bottom. Shirts, blouses, and pants from kids size 5T all the way up to XXL are no trouble for the Foldimate.

The Sunflower

If you love sitting by the pool, listening to music, and chillin’ with your friends, then the Sunflower is the perfect addition to the day.  The Sunflower is an autonomous umbrella, equipped with solar panels that follow the sun.

The Sunflower collects its own energy throughout the day to power its Bluetooth radio, controlled lighting, charger ports, camera, and autonomous movement.  Oh yeah!  We forgot to mention that the Sunflower will also retract itself if the winds get too fierce outside.

The Wall By Samsung

If you are looking for a more intense visual experience in your home theater, check out Samsung’s newest creation, The Wall.  Aptly named, The Wall is a 146-inch modular screen.  It is modular because you can add size to the television to make it even bigger.

The Verdera Voice Lit Mirror

Kohler has created a new mirror that is perfect for those who enjoy primping.  The Verdera Voice Lit Mirror responds to your voice.  You can verbally lower or brighten the lighting on the mirror, for more favorable conditions while you are doing your makeup.  

The mirror comes equipped with Alexa, and it has all the functionality of the Amazon Echo.  You can check the news, the weather, play music, and even some games.  It will also serve as a voice control for any other Kohler Connect smart bathroom products you have in the home.

The Toto Floating Tub

If you ever wanted to disappear into a warm bubble bath, the Toto Floating Tub is the place to soak.  The tub has specially placed jets in the bottom that give the occupant the feeling of weightlessness.

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Meet The Goldbergs

Hi television watchers, I would like to let you all know about a great new t.v. show called ( The Goldbergs ). It will be airing on Wednesday, January 24th, 8/7c on ABC. it’s a special spinoff episode. This special episode is actually a pilot of a spinoff of the show set in the ‘90s. So I would definitely be watching this show, because it is a very funny t.v. show. I love all of the Goldbergs because they are very special and geeky. There’s Beverly Goldberg she’s a kind of uppity type very wild. And also she is a get it done type person and she likes to shop all of time. Adam Goldberg is the true geek of the family and he’s constantly arguing with his older siblings. And also he likes the science fiction movies, a lot. He’s a real geeky type of person that you’ll like to hang out with most of time.

THE GOLDBERGS – ABC’s “The Goldbergs” stars Wendi McLendon-Covey as Beverly Goldberg, Sean Giambrone as Adam Goldberg, Troy Gentile as Barry Goldberg, Hayley Orrantia as Erica Goldberg, with George Segal as Pops Solomon and Jeff Garlin as Murray Goldberg. (ABC/Bob D’Amico)

Barry is the middle child and he is known to be hot tempered and is just like his father. His mom says he is a very good and passionate young man. Barry thinks he is mistreated by the whole world sometimes and thinks his family gangs up on him all of the times. And also he thinks he’s in a vast world of unfairness. Barry loves basketball and he would love to play in the NBA someday. And when he’s not training on the court, he spends his free time rolling it out at the Moon skate rink.

Erica the oldest and most rebellious of the kids is quite lovely and trendiest. She’s very smart and a girl that can kick your butt. And Erica is so sweet and is very protective of her baby brother, Adam.She’s the type of person that I would love to hang out with and party with. And that goes for all of the Goldbergs, they are just the funniest and coolest people to associate with. The Goldbergs are truly the best funniest family comedy sitcom that I have seen on television in a long time.

So once again t.v. watchers check out the Goldbergs tonight on ABC. It will be airing tonight Wednesday, January 24th, 8/7c on ABC. it’s a special spinoff episode. This special episode is actually a pilot of a spinoff of the show set in the ‘90s. So I would definitely be watching this show, because it is a very funny t.v. show. So get ready for a great t.v. show the Goldbergs. Go watch them now !

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How Hiring Cranes Is the Better Option Than Buying Them?

One of the most important pieces of equipment that are used by many construction companies is probably the crane and there is no alternative for cranes. Most construction companies often find that owning a crane than hiring one could be more beneficial. However, the fact is that owning a crane is a costly affair. This is because of the fact that repairing cranes and maintaining them could really hit the budget quite hard. Thus, hiring cranes could be a better idea than owning one. Most companies ignore this fact because this is a really new concept in the construction industry and can help save a lot of money. Crane hire would also control the maintenance and repairing cost of crane.

You would get a lot of different options to choose from which is not possible if you own a single crane

One of the biggest advantages of crane hire is that there are many crane companies that provide a wide range of different cranes on rent to cater to your needs. You can have anything from mobile cranes, tower cranes, mini crawler cranes and others. Therefore, you do not to invest your money in buying all these types of cranes for your construction business as you can hire these cranes as per your needs. Also, these companies would provide extra service in order to increase their sales and get their old customer back. Their well-trained and experienced workers will check these machines at regular intervals. There also have a team of trained operator who can help you operate the cranes. These construction companies have their own website which makes it find them when and as required.

What are some of the mistakes that you should avoid while choosing the crane hiring services?

There are obviously a few mistakes that one avoids doing while looking for crane hire services for the purpose. The first mistake that one makes in this regard is that he does not know the purpose of hiring a crane. Basically, cranes are used for many purposes. So there are available in different types one of them come equipped with wrecking balls or buckets which is used to tear down any building. Another gruesome mistake is not checking the work area. It is essential to prevent all the accidents in the work area. Checking the workplace could also make the choice of cranes more efficient. Third mistake is not asking about the cranes that are being offered by the company. While some companies have a lot to offer, some may not be able to provide many options. Some different types of cranes include loader, mobile, floating as well as tower cranes which are offered by many cranes hiring companies. Also, you should not hire a company that would not offer you maintenance services.

What are the advantages of hiring a crane for the job that you are doing?

Cranes are surely very expensive and thus hiring a crane instead of buying could save you a lot of money. In this way these construction companies can spend the money that they save in the crane hire to buy other tools and equipment. There would also be the option of choosing a durable and a better-quality crane. They keep cranes of different brands and by spending a little more money, you can surely opt for the one that fits to your needs. There is also the option of hiring as many different types of crane as required. There are surely a lot of different types of crane businesses out there therefore, it is suggested to choose the reputed company to buy a crane.

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Key Signs of Bankruptcy You May Not Be Aware of Before It’s Too Late

Disclaimer: All the information that you’re about to read below points out some key signs of bankruptcy that you may not be aware of before it’s too late. It isn’t supposed to replace traditional advice as provided by a licensed lawyer who you should contact right away.

You may have borrowed money before from someone you know after getting caught in an emergency situation that left you strapped for cash. You may also have used your credit card to buy something you urgently needed, or you may have taken out a loan on your car or even your house. Whatever the circumstances that led to you incurring some debt, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it as long as you can settle it. However, if all your debts have begun piling up and you’ve already exhausted all repayment options available at your disposal, you have to watch out for some key signs of bankruptcy that you may not be aware of before it’s too late.

Some Signs of Bankruptcy to Watch Out for That You May Not be aware of

Declaring bankruptcy is usually reserved for situations wherein the debt that you incurred has grown to the point of becoming unmanageable on your own. Thus, you wouldn’t want to file for Chapter 7 in which all your property that isn’t exempt would be seized and sold by your creditor to make up for the payments that you missed.

Neither would you want to file for Chapter 13 which restructures the payment plan that both you and your creditor have previously agreed upon that allows you to repay in smaller amounts but over a longer period of time. For you to not resort to declaring yourself as bankrupt, you would have to spot the following signs of bankruptcy that you may not be aware of and resolve them while you can still manage your debts instead of letting them sink you deep in financial ruin.

1. You’ve been paying only the minimum amount due indicated on your credit card’s monthly billing statement.

For those who don’t like bringing copious amounts of cash in public, a credit card is a more convenient option that doesn’t leave an unattractive bulge in your wallet. However, having a credit card entails anyone who applies for one to use it sparingly and responsibly.

● If you have a credit card yourself, you might have noticed that every billing statement you receive in your mail has a minimum amount due indicated in it. You shouldn’t assume right away that you only have to pay for your credit card’s minimum amount due every month.

● What you would want to do instead is to look for the total outstanding balance in your billing statement and make it a point to pay no less than that every month so that you won’t lag behind on any payments that you have to make to your credit card.

2. You don’t have a rainy day fund that you can use to bounce back from a huge financial upset.

If you only have one personal savings account where you’re depositing all your wages and bonuses that you receive in your job, you’re not managing your finances right. Settling for a single bank account can put you in an undesirable position should any unforeseen incident cost you a considerable amount of money.

● For you to fully recover in case you experience a major financial setback, you would need to open another bank account and designate it as your rainy day fund.

● Your rainy day fund should only be used for emergencies, so you should learn to control your spending habits as well by not withdrawing any amount from it.

3. A third-party collection agency has been incessantly calling you or sending you a demand letter to inform you of all the debts that you need to pay as soon as possible.

If several months had passed and you still weren’t able to pay back the money that you owe your creditor, they’d be forced to hire a third-party agency in charge of making sure that you shape up financially for you to be able to repay all your debts.

● While a debt collection agent would gently remind you at first over the phone about the money that you owe your creditor, their calls might eventually get more and more urgent and stern in tone if you’re still skipping on your payments.

● The debt collection agency that your creditor had hired can also mail you a demand letter asking you to pay all your debts back or risk facing a lawsuit in which you’ll have to go to court and defend yourself. Having some debt to your name is fine as long as you can pay back the money that you owe. However, if your debts have been accumulating at an alarming rate until you can barely keep up, thoughts of filing for bankruptcy may have crossed your mind. But before you can declare either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you should first identify some signs of bankruptcy on your end that you may not be aware of and address them before it’s too late. And to help you fully conquer your insurmountable debt, you would want to discuss your current financial state with a lawyer who can assess further if you really have to file for bankruptcy instead.


Cecille Cunningham

Cecille Cunningham loves writing for the common reader, especially on helping them make sense of various topics on the law. She currently writes for multiple law firms. In her spare time she cooks for his family and friends.

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Use Your Smartphone to the Full: The Apps That Will Help You Be a Better Student

They say that the educational program is getting easier every year. However, there is still nothing easy about being a student these days. The pressure is as high as ever. The assignments are not getting shorter. Those who think that an average contemporary student spends most of his or her time procrastinating with a smartphone couldn’t be more wrong. Besides, bright students know how to use their devices to improve their performance. Here are five apps that will help you do it.

Make a Proper Plan: Todoist

You have probably heard of various planning systems. It has been proven by a significant number of users that the most effective one is GTD developed by David Allen. GTD stands for Getting Things Done, and it is as simple as that. One of the most notable features of the system is that it helps you get all the tasks out of your head and free your mind. Isn’t it what a student overwhelmed with studies needs?

Todoist is an app based on this system of planning. The first thing you come across using it is Inbox. You can dump all the tasks there or sort them by Projects.

The application is quite intuitive and user-friendly, which is why it is so popular with students. All the information is synced to all your devices immediately. Todoist is a free application, and the majority of its features are available out of charge. The Premium version also allows you to create tags and receive alerts.

Learn to Concentrate:Calm

Haven’t you noticed that sometimes you just forget to complete an assignment even if it is in your planner? Haven’t you ever checked twice whether you locked the door? Does it occur to you from time to time that you can’t recollect all the tasks you’ve completed that day? Do you want to become a more productive learner?

If so, Calm is what you really need. The app includes guided meditations on any topic. Meditation is no longer considered to do anything with spiritual practices. Successful people use it to reduce the level of stress and anxiety and increase the level of mindfulness. And this is precisely what Calm helps you to do. For a student, it is essential, as the research has shown that an average student can only concentrate for 10 minutes.

You can start with a general course of increasing mindfulness and then pick more. As a student, you will surely like ‘Mindfulness at College’ and ‘Focus and Concentration’ courses.
Mind that some topics are only available if you choose one of the subscription options: monthly for $12.99 or yearly for only $59.99.

Keep Your Documents Safe: Dropbox

A writing assignment can be exhausting. Imagine you have spent several sleepless nights on researching, writing, and editing. You are so close to the desired credit. But you just can’t find it or, what is even worse, you haven’t saved it! Can happen to anybody? Not to those who use Dropbox.

Besides storing all the documents and syncing them on all your devices, the app allows to share documents and other files with others and work on them together. Peculiarly, students don’t often appreciate such features, as they don’t want to spend their time on convincing others to download an app they use, even if it is excellent. Surprisingly, a person you can share your paper with through the app doesn’t have to have a Dropbox account!

Note that the free storage is somewhat limited, but in this case, a subscription is really worth the money you’ll spend. These are not just papers that Dropbox will help you keep safe. All your photos, PDFs, blueprints, etc. can be stored long term. And you can use them even after your graduation.

Master the Academic Writing: EasyBib

It is an interesting tendency that a lot of students procrastinate with their writing assignments right when they understand they have to format them. The bibliography page may turn out to be torture even for those who are pretty good at writing.

EasyBib (Easy Bibliography, obviously) makes the process of formatting EASIER. Your references are structured automatically for free. Please, keep in mind that the app only deals with this part of your work. If you have serious issues with formatting the whole paper, you’d better turn to professionals, like EssayWriterSite and others.

Get Higher Grades and Save Money: Chegg

The cost of education is really high today. Besides paying for college, it includes many other expenses. One of them is buying textbooks. The total cost of those may exceed $1000! Although some books you should purchase and have them at hand at all times, others you won’t need when the semester ends. That is why you should really think what you can do about it.

One of the best solutions is using Chegg. The application allows you to find people from whom you can rent textbooks. Besides, there are many options for buying books with a significant discount with the help of Chegg.

However, the features of the application are not limited to the described above. You can get help with your homework, find a professional tutor, and get information about scholarship and internship options – all in one place!

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