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Tinder bans users for sending pro-Bernie Sanders messages


Do you feel the Bern now?

Campaigning for Bernie Sanders, and presumably any other politician, can get you banned from Tinder. According to a report from Reuters, two users of the dating app learned that the hard way recently, after their accounts were locked for sending private messages about the 2016 presidential candidate. One woman, for example, told the publication she sent 60 messages per day to other people on Tinder, as she hoped to convince them to support Senator Sanders.

Those read as “Do you feel the Bern?” and “Please text WORK to 82623 for me. Thanks,” which would then prompt the recipients to get updates from the Sanders campaign. It also sent a link with a sign-up page for volunteering. Tinder has yet to issue an official statement, but we reached out to the service and will update the story if we hear back.

It’s worth noting that Tinder’s Terms of Use are pretty clear. The document’s Section 9, which you can read in full here, states users “may not post, upload, display or otherwise make available Content that … involves the transmission of ‘junk mail,’ ‘chain letters,’ or unsolicited mass mailing or ‘spamming’ (or ‘spimming,’ ‘phishing,’ ‘trolling’ or similar activities).” If a user doesn’t follow the rules, Tinder says it has the right to “investigate, suspend and/or terminate” an account.

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Discover The Secrets of The ILLuminati



Illuminati Secrets Exposed

Dr. Flint, a former Senior Research Scientist for a major American chemical company, spent 30 years seeking out and recording the real-world secrets of the Illuminati. These powerful Illuminati secrets can now be used by you, individually, to capture huge personal advantages and unlock the most phenomenal opportunities for yourself!

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Many of the most wealthy, powerful and admired people today have used these exact same Illuminati secrets. That’s why they are wealthy and powerful!

In fact, these practical, real-world secrets evolved over hundreds of years and are used by the world’s most exclusive and powerful people. And now, because of Dr. Flint’s free, 257-page e-book, these same secrets are a lifeline for ordinary people to gain real prosperity. Anyone can immediately use these easy-to-apply techniques to achieve wealth.

In fact, every day I see and hear how the Illuminati secrets revealed in this report are bringing personal prosperity and wealth to people all around the world:

“I never would have believed, until I read your secrets-of-the-Illuminati report, that so much could be going on of which I was completely unaware.” D.M., CA; “The most revealing and valuable information ever!” L.W., CA; “These secrets multiplied my cash literally thousands of times.” H.T., TX; “Chock full of valuable information that will enable anyone to win.” M.K., NY; “My business has almost doubled in this short time. It’s amazing!” TX; “As a man in his sixties, I have found these secrets priceless. It opens a new world for me.” P.S., CA; “Mind-blowing knowledge. …Thank you.” B.J., CA; “This information allows one to win immediately.” V.B., TX; “Made clear why people can be controlled. Realize how I’ve been cheated and deceived in all areas of my life. An awakening, a new life. Dr. Flint has uncovered the secret knowledge to shape my future.” B.K., KY; “At its core is the clear delineation between winners and losers. And it saddens me to observe how many people lose when it is all so unnecessary.” M.V., WI; “These secrets set me free to become the productive, guilt-free individual who was always within me.” C.L., VA; “The most powerful work ever.” A.S., CA; “Pure, distilled logic…powerful.” J.M., TX; “Totally stunned.” R.S., CA; “For over 50 years of search, only this discovery has given clear, definitive answers.” R.S., IL; “This information is absolutely essential for awakening us from the mesmeric manipulating power of the ruling class.” I.C., OR; “Will be my personal guidance throughout life.” D.Z. NY; “Mental Mace: Used with outstanding success in doing business.” F.G., CA; “Gained so much in such a short period of time.” G.K., IL; “Most concise, informative information ever.” W.A., CA; “Accurate, objective, and poignant work.” S.S., CA; “Thanks to these secrets I have made a tremendous turnabout and progress.” CA; “With these techniques people can finally develop to their fullest.” F.S., TN; “Profound benefits to the individual.” E.O., CO; “Reversed my beliefs. Will greatly affect my future actions.” E.G., Sydney, Australia; “Foolish not to have read these secrets earlier.” G.F., VA; “Business and interpersonal concepts are extremely valuable.” S.H., CA; “Until now I was never truly happy or free from life’s diminishing forces.” T.M., IL; “Should remake the world for the best.” J.S.C., NV; “Masterful job of unmasking the elite’s control over the masses.” F.S.,TN; “Frees man and puts the ancient ministers to rest.” N.P., Canada; “Most valuable lessons ever learned.” K.P., TX; “Dr. Flint is an absolute winner” J.S., OH; “More precise and objective than even the very best authors.” T.S., AZ; “Outstanding! Exactly what I’ve been looking for.” J.B., VA; “Marvelously clear, self-benefiting.” H.H., MD, OR; “Read it every moment available. Benefits me to no end.” P.P., IL; “I’ll never be the same. You bet I’m enthusiastic.” CA; “Taught me the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned. I am literally in awe of Dr. Flint for what he has done.” P.C., Texas.

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In fact, after I received my free, 257-page, Illuminati-secrets report, my luck changed so completely my friends asked me if I had some kind of guardian angel looking after me. What came over me seemed almost magical, supernatural.

Because of these secrets, I was able to quit my job and start an incredibly successful business that grew into a multi-million-dollar company.

The Illuminati secrets unlocked other incredible talents within me as well, talents I never knew I had. For example, my memory immediately improved, dramatically. I suddenly possessed a photographic memory.

Personal talents will blossom in you, too, – amazing talents and abilities that you never imagined you had! For example, I can now sit at a piano and play virtually any song, note for note, from memory. In addition, I can now gaze at a landscape and turn it into a beautiful painting on the spot. It’s as though every single ability within me has become supercharged!!!

Here’s something else that’s phenomenal. Armed with these Illuminati secrets you can read the future. To scientists, who are very left-brain, logic oriented, this seems incredulous. But these higher-dimension-like Illuminati secrets actually unlock such future-telling abilities within you.

Some people get drawn into mysticism when they witness such startling abilities. They think it must be supernatural. But these are very real human talents — talents that can be unleashed with the right knowledge.

Consider another astonishing ability — the power to cure. Sigmund Freud was astounded when he documented cases whereby a deaf woman regained her hearing, a crippled man regained his ability to walk, a cancer patient’s tumors went into permanent remission, a man with progressive heart disease made a complete recovery, and a blind child regained her sight — all instantaneously! Some call these Faith Healings, others call these cases Miracles of God. But Freud discovered these are powers buried within a handful of people with unique knowledge — unique knowledge that the Illuminati secrets can unleash within you, too.

Such miraculous-like abilities are what make ordinary people believe, “There must exist another realm, a higher mystical realm, or how else can one explain these phenomena.” Well, there does exist a realm that no one (outside of those knowledgeable about the Illuminati secrets) can explain — a realm that’s so powerful and beyond our everyday experience it does seem like those possessing this secret knowledge are, indeed, blessed with miracles. The Illuminati secrets show you exactly how to unleash such miracles.

Remember, these are the very same secrets that the most successful, exclusive people in the world have anonymously used to obtain great wealth, success, love, fame.

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— A complete, 257-page free e-book revealing the never-before-released secrets of the Illuminati is ready to ship to you now —

Acquire an incredibly revealing, free, 257-page e-book exposing the Illuminati’s secrets. This 257-page free e-book is chock full of profitable, life-changing secret knowledge. Click here to acquire your copy now, completely free of charge.


I failed to realize the profound benefits that the Illuminati secrets actually delivered until after I had received my 257-page Illuminati-secrets Information Package. I felt my life changing on reading the very first page. And each subsequent secret delivered advantages I never knew existed.

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Acquire an incredibly revealing, free, 257-page e-book exposing the Illuminati’s secrets. This 257-page free e-book is chock full of profitable, life-changing secret knowledge. Click here to acquire your copy now, completely free of charge.

Everyday readers contact us describing the personal and financial benefits that the Illuminati secrets are bringing them.


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A work of art.” M.T., OH; “A euphoric experience in freedom.” A.G., CA; “Sad I didn’t acquire these secrets years ago. Will make a beautiful world.” D.R., TN; “Melts the grip of others. Made 360 degree turn. Can change the world.” B.M., AL; “Blatantly logical. Regained my youthful optimism.” W., Ontario, Canada; “A suit of armor. Nothing can top what’s offered by this breakthrough.” L.R., Alaska; “A great discovery. Going somewhere in a true and accurate way.” P.V., IL; “Searching for this all my life. Will never be a victim again.” G.E., MI; “My best investment to date. The rewards are limitless.” C.P., Hawaii; “Dumbfounded. Must start over again in life.” J.A., CA; “Loved it! Clarified everything in a scientific manner.” S.R., CA; “Brilliantly conceived and presented.” P.R., OH; “Magnitude of excitement hard to describe. Days can’t arrive fast enough.” T.R., Quebec; “Surely the way to the future. Overwhelming.” J.W., LA; “Unbelievably detailed and well written. 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Will apply to my business.” B.G., FL; “A much better person for having read.” D.E., AZ; “What a beautiful work.” D.D., CA; “This is the route to everything.” J.V., MO; “Truths are non-debatable.” A.M., AZ; “Have to keep my mouth from flapping about the advantages I’ve gained. Life no longer a burden. Have everything I need.” R.V., Canada; “Provided my base to move forward …unequaled by anything else.” L.P., Esq., England; “First reading shocking. Second reading exhilarating.” L.S., FL; “Impact greater than could imagine. Teaching these secrets to my two children.” L.O., NH; “This breakthrough is larger than all the wealth — leaves me weak-kneed.” D.G., TX; “Thrilling, exciting, extremely factual.” J.S., FL; “Created an A+ money factor in my business & the stock market.” U.C., UT; “A complete masterpiece. No loose ends.” J.A., CN

Acquire an incredibly revealing, free, 257-page e-book exposing the Illuminati’s secrets. This 257-page free e-book is chock full of profitable, life-changing secret knowledge. Click here to acquire your copy now, completely free of charge.

About Dr. Flint

During his 12 years as a Senior Research Scientist at America’s largest chemical company, Dr. Flint was involved in major research projects, including the catalytic conversion of salt and sand into chlorine and water glass to reduce the cost of raw materials for industry (Dr. Flint holds the basic patent); the development of commercial flexible nylon used in the auto industry to improve fuel and brake systems; flame retardant nylon to improve the safety of electronic products; fluorocarbon wire coating to improve the efficiency and safety of aircrafts, space vehicles, and missiles; high-definition acrylics to reduce the cost and enhance the appearance of signs; and medical uses for man-made fibers, including new leads to disease cures. Dr. Flint is a member of Sigma Xi, the honorary scientific research society. He is the author of several books, the author of many magazine articles (including the first-place national award-winning article about the bicameral brain), a former editor of a national magazine and SEC-licensed security advisor. In addition, he is a marathon runner, a former professional card player, and the author of a best-selling poker manual.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this website – – and in our free e-book is for general information purposes only. The information is provided by and while we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this website.

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Creativity holds the key to the future of messaging!


After its release in the spring of 2015, messaging app DeeMe became an instant favorite among users, journalists and industry awards judges. Even social media deity Facebook wanted a slice of the action. With a brand new release, DeeMe takes creativity and messaging to a whole new level.

The new DeeMe version offers a wide range of communicative changes. Such changes include a group chat mode with chats on top and in context of an image, a broadcast function that allows users to post messages to a live updated feed to gather comments and likes from friends or fans, and plenty of possibilities to be creative with stickers, typesets and filters. Speaking of fans, DeeMe also has designed a special “Famous mode” button for those true artistic types with a dedicated group of followers.

“We’re passionate in our belief that stories worth telling happen every day, and that’s why we created an app that tells them better. (No doubt that with better phones and bigger screens, comes a bigger need for creative and entertaining content)” says CEO Frode Alver Nilsen

Just days into the release of the newest version, DeeMe stats already report that users are spending a lot more time when in the app creating fun messages as well as connecting with new friends. In particular, the younger crowd of creative Brazil have gone head over heels for the new DeeMe.

To find out more about DeeMe and download the app, go to:


Google Play:


Note to Editors

Photos are available at:



Dakota Digital for DeeMe

Contact: Rebecca Appleton


Tel UK: 01623 428996

Tel US: 917-720-3025

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PatternEx Launches Company With First Artificial Intelligence Platform for Enterprise Security


SAN JOSE, CA–(Marketwired – February 03, 2016) – PatternEx™, the pioneer in Artificial Intelligence for information security, today launched the company and its PatternEx Threat Prediction Platform that creates “virtual security analysts” that mimic the intuition of human security analysts in real time and at scale. Based on real world datasets, the PatternEx Threat Prediction Platform detects ten times more threats with five times fewer false positives compared with approaches based on Machine Learning-Anomaly Detection technology. The PatternEx solution introduces a new technology called “Active Contextual Modeling™” or ACM, that synthesizes analyst intuition into predictive models. These models, when deployed across global customers, can learn from each other and achieve a network effect in detecting attack patterns.

“The most frustrating thing in InfoSec is that the data to detect malicious behavior often already exists in enterprise infrastructures today,” notes Uday Veeramachaneni, PatternEx CEO and co-founder. “The human analysts can detect it, but analysts are difficult to hire and are not scalable. The only way to get real time detection is to be able to mimic those analysts using artificial intelligence based on ACM technology.”

The ACM technology transforms raw data into behaviors, and synthesizes analyst intuition into predictive models; the Platform then leverages these models to make real time predictions about specific threat vectors. The more attacks the system predicts, the more feedback it receives from the analysts, which in turn improves the accuracy of future predictions.

“Machine learning models are good at establishing baselines and detecting anomalies to those baselines, but they are not capable of knowing if those anomalies represent good or bad behavior unless humans tell them so,” comments Avivah Litan, Gartner VP Distinguished Analyst in her report on user and entity behavior analytics published last September.*

As the platform learns a predictive model from one customer environment, this knowledge can be transferred between enterprises to detect threats globally and converge on new attacks at faster speeds for all customers, commonly known as a network effect.

“Artificial Intelligence holds great promise for InfoSec,” says Tim Mather, Chief Information Security Officer for Cadence Design Systems. “In addition to being able to detect threats without relying on rules, AI could enable a network effect whereby an attack pattern detected at one organization can be transferred to another organization in the network. At Cadence, we are piloting the PatternEx Threat Prediction Platform for Data Exfiltration and early results are encouraging.”

The PatternEx solution includes a number of novel components combined into a single platform:

a big data platform designed for large data volumes and real time response

  • an ensemble of algorithms designed to detect rare behaviors with the goal of identifying new attacks
  • a mechanism to obtain feedback from security analysts and continuously update models with the provided feedback.
  • an active learning feedback loop that continuously improves detection rates over time
  • a repository of threat intelligence that can be shared among enterprises


Ultimately, PatternEx customers gain more visibility, detection, control of malicious behavior for both fraud and breach, without the confusing noise of false positives and the increased security staff they demand. In addition, the PatternEx Threat Prediction Platform is easy to integrate and deploy into existing security architectures.

The Threat Prediction Platform is available as software on premise, in the cloud, or in a private cloud. The Platform is the result of two years of development by a team of AI, security, and distributed systems experts.

*Gartner, Market Guide for User and Entity Behavior Analytics, Avivah Litan, 22 September 2015

About PatternEx:

PatternEx’s Threat Prediction Platform is changing the nature of Information Security. Powered by patent-pending Active Contextual Modeling™ technology, the Platform combines artificial intelligence and analyst intuition in a revolutionary methodology that teaches software to identify malicious intent to defend against cyber attacks in real time, at scale across the enterprise. PatternEx is headquartered in Silicon Valley.

For more information go to

Follow PatternEx: Twitter and LinkedIn.

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3 tricks for boosting your WordPress site’s security


As many of you already know, WordPress is a free open source blogging platform and content management system (CMS). It provides a structural system built atop a PHP framework for adding and tweaking a suite of plugins and templates to integrate within your website. For the most part, you’re creating a website—and more specifically, a blog—to share something with the rest of the internet world. In order to do this, you write and post about interesting or curious topics that catch the attention of people and robots alike. The more you write, the more traffic you drive in, the more vulnerable you are to attack.

Sadly, the internet isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. (Strangely enough, however, there are an inordinate amount of cats.) There are people out there that want nothing more than to spam, leech, and hack you, oftentimes just because they can. You don’t have to play the victim, though. Here are a couple of things you can do to toughen up security around your website. Maybe then those creeps will leave you alon

The access file contains a list of configuration procedures that the web server will follow when executing your website. The file is capable of overriding a subset of the web server’s global rules, which will only impact your website (for example, if you are on a shared web server, editing the .htaccess file within your site’s directory will affect the other websites on the server). The .htaccess was originally intended to granulize directory control by limiting or broadening user access.
The .htaccess file should be located within the primary directory where WordPress was installed. It can be edited or altered easily enough by opening it in Notepad or TextEdit (Mac) or any other editor of your choosing. As always before editing the file, make a backup copy just to be safe.

When another site links an image directly from your site, rather than saving a copy of the image within their directory, it’s called hotlinking. This eats up your site’s bandwidth and, if you pay for a limited amount of bandwidth, it can cost you.
Hotlinking can be prevented by modifying the .htaccess file. To do this, all you have to do as add the following lines to the file (just be sure you replace “yourdomain” with the name of your domain):

Like hotlinking, website spammers will eat up precious bandwidth. Spammers typically use bots to post random, off-topic (and sometimes lewd) comments across your blog. When the web server tries to identify the requests, it looks as though they aren’t coming from anywhere—in other words, they have ‘no referrer’.
You can easily stop spammer bots by adding the following lines to your .htaccess file.

Finally, now that you’ve protected some of the integral pieces of your website, you’ll want to make sure that you protect the protector—your .htaccess file itself. There are a couple of ways you can do this, but your safest bet would be to use strong pattern matching to block external access to any file on within your site directory containing any variation of “.hta”:

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Developers Call on Public to Fund Privacy Centric Chat Messenger App


Mobile communication undergoes a discreet revamp this week, with the launch of chat messenger app, Yofam. Imagined as a tasteful alternative to invasive messenger apps, Yofam is designed for smartphone users that love their time, live their moments and refuse to be controlled by technology 24/7. To finance the final development stages and get the app smartphone ready, Yofam is launching a Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise £25,000.

Underpinned by a resolute respect for user privacy, Yofam is a new generation of messenger app. Rather than insist users stay connected 24/7, it restores the discretion and confidentiality that no longer exist in modern versions of popular messenger apps. Like its counterparts, Yofam supports a complete range of dynamic content options, including text, chat, share media, voice notes and videos. The difference lies in the way communication is relayed. Rather than burden users with intrusive features such as ‘message read’ indicators and ‘last seen’ disclosures, Yofam keeps things cool, casual and refreshingly private. By shunning a constant need for connection, Yofam hands smartphone users the freedom to unleash themselves from their devices and live in the here and now.


“At its core Yofam is a fun and upbeat app designed for people who love to be social and independent, enjoy hanging out with friends, but can also find pleasure in reading a good book in silence, or simply spending quality time with the family while disconnecting from technology,” says Adel Melanin, Founder and CEO.

Across the globe, messenger apps have emerged as the world’s favourite way to keep in touch. As of August 2015, Statista revealed that WhatsApp hosted 800 million monthly users, Facebook Messenger connected 700 million people, QQ Mobile and WeChat supported over 600 million apiece while Skype was used by more than 300 million people. All are convenient and cost effective, however they all have an intrinsic tendency to take over lives. Yofam reinstates the right to privacy with a range of features steeped in discretion. These include options to turn off ‘online’ status, deactivate or custom set ‘last seen’ time, disable ‘random search’ visibility and remove profile picture. The app also features the innovative ‘time bomb’ function which allows users to send all content in auto delete mode.

While privacy is paramount, Yofam is also adamant about retaining the fun aspect of mobile messaging. The app boasts a range of upbeat features, including a colourful interface, icons library and ‘BOOM’ function.

Technology is state-of-the-art, with Yofam built with the same software as other popular real time messaging apps. All APIs are custom built and open source, with no third party programming. Featured systems include Erlang, AWS, Ejabberd, COW BOY, XMPP and Cassandra.

To fund the final development stages and launch the inaugural version of the app, Yofam is launching a Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise £25,000. The campaign goes live on February 1, with supporters offered a range of tiered rewards in exchange for monetary contributions. Cash will be used to finance development, develop contingency plans, launch tester trials and polish design.

To find out more about Yofam and join the Kickstarter campaign go to




Yofam is a brand new online messenger app steeped in privacy, discretion and fun. Users can share text, chat, share media, voice notes and videos, without feeling the need to stay connected 24/7.

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Create and Maintain a Budget

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The first step to avoiding the troubles of financial debt is to create and maintain a budget.  It’s not as intimidating as it sounds, don’t worry.

First off,  create a list of all your monthly income and also a list of your monthly expenses.  When determining income, list all sources including alimony, child support, side jobs, etc.  In calculating expenses, be sure to include housing, food, transportation, utilities, entertainment, etc.  To gain an accurate reflection of actual expenses, sit down each night and write down expenses, just make sure to save receipts.  Determine if your income covers all of your expenses.  If the answer is no, then some expenses need to be reduced.
Adjust expenses.  If it is a small discrepancy, it may mean reducing some minor expenses like entertainment or cell phone plan.  If the deficit is larger, you may need to downsize your vehicle or living arrangements.  If your income covers all of your expenses, you still may want to trim some of the excess fat off your spending habits.  This can free up extra money for things such as vacations or college funds for your children.

Additionally, consider if you need to add new categories.  Some areas that are often overlooked are debt reduction, emergency savings funds, and retirement savings.  An emergency fund ensures there is an adequate amount available to cover unforeseen events (car emergency, etc), should it arise.  This will eliminate the need for using credit which can quickly damage your budget.

There are several advantages to sticking to your budget.  Firstly, most people have set financial goals that they would like to reach in the future.  Sometimes it may be a trip, a brand new car, or a college education.  A budget can help people save money to make these goals a reality.  Additionally, many people are crushed under heavy consumer debt.  Without a disciplined pattern of spending, it is virtually impossible to make much headway in reducing debt.  A personal budget will provide the necessary framework to begin eliminating these inflated account balances.

If executed properly, a budget will allow a person to simultaneously meet their expenses, place money into savings, and pay back outstanding debts.  Therefore, it is anyone’s best interest to create and implement a budget.

Cut Back on Spending

At first it may seem difficult to limit spending and stick to a budget, however there are a few practical changes that you can make everyday that will cut your spending more than you expect.
Firstly, alter credit car behavior.  Start to pay cash whenever possible.  This will help you avoid making a purchase unless you actually have the money available.  If you decide to make a credit card purchase, be prepared to pay the balance off monthly.  This will save a lot of money through avoiding interest charges.  If you already have a credit card balance, then transfer to a card with a low interest rate.  Also, find a card that does not charge an annual fee.

Another tip is to pack your lunch everyday.  All of those lunch hours spent at restaurants will add up.  Bringing your own lunch can save you several dollars every day, which will add up over time.

Use your cell phone during off peak hours.  Some people will spend a couple hundred dollars a month on phone charges.  Avoid this by making most calls during off peak times.  Check with your service and plan to find out when you have cheaper or unlimited calls.

Stop throwing away the Sunday newspaper before skimming through the advertisements.  Clip some of those coupons and check out the sales.  This may seem tedious, but the savings are often worth it.  Many stores will double or triple the amount of the coupon.  This technique can save you up to 20 or 30 dollars each time you head to the food store.

Additionally, refinance.  Mortgage rates have been extremely low over the past year.  This has been a great opportunity to reduce the monthly house payment significantly.  If you are planning to have your house paid off prior to retirement, then you may want to factor this in before refinancing.

Finally, bundle your insurance.  Many insurance companies will offer their customers lower rates if they purchase multiple policies.  For instance, some people use the same agent for multiple cars, and others combine their cars and house.  Always keep in mind that a dollar here and there really begins to add up.  Avoid the temptation of thinking that changing your spending habits wouldn’t save that much money.

Start Saving!

So you are loaded down with bills to pay each month and are wondering how you can begin a savings account for emergencies and other high-expense endeavors.  In other words, where can you find that extra cash to put away for later?
Firstly, when configuring your budge, plan for your savings first.  You will grow richer each month if you begin to pay yourself first.  Before paying any bills, decide on a set amount that you will pay yourself first—maybe five or ten percent—or whatever you decide—of your paycheck.  Then, deposit the amount into a savings account before paying any bills.
When you do this at the beginning of the month, your entire paycheck will not suddenly slip through your fingers.  If you wait until the end of the month, there may be nothing left to save.  Paying yourself first will give you a systematic way to make your money grow.  Regardless of your profession or your income, this system will work if you stick to it.
Another technique you may try for saving money is to empty your extra change into a coffee can or a jar each day.  At the end of the month, roll the coins and put them into your savings account.  You may be able to save 30 or 40 dollars each month just with your spare change.
Remember that good money management is more than just a mathematical formula.  It’s too closely tied with the ups and downs of living to be just that.  Your money management plan is always subject to change if your life situation changes.  The object of a good budget is to make your money go the farthest in helping you reach your goals, it is not there to force to you to abide by rules.
Don’t get discouraged if the budget plan doesn’t work perfectly right away.  It may involve some revising and editing until it fits your needs.  Then, make sure to review it often, and be sure it is making the best use of every penny!  Because we know how helpful those spare pennies can become.

Avoid Spending Pitfalls!

With all the advantages that are evident from personal budgeting, it is no wonder that more and more people are relying on them to reduce debts and increase their savings.  However, all ‘budgeters’ need to be careful to avoid some common pitfalls that appear often.
Credit cards may seem like small pieces of plastic, however they can cause a great deal of trouble for the owners.  It is common for people to make unwise purchases, which they would have avoided otherwise, because they had the credit card in their wallet.  The best solution for many people is simply to get rid of credit cards and begin paying only by cash, check, or debit cards.  You may want to keep one card handy for emergencies, but it is probably best to keep it out of reach, and far away from your wallet.
Another problem with budgeting is impatience.  There are financial goals set, but people do not have the patience to complete a savings program.  For instance, an individual begins setting aside money for a new car; however, after a few months they discover the car of their dreams.  Rather than waiting, they make the purchase.  This could pose some serious financial strains.  Discipline is a must to prevent impatience from breaking your budget.
Once a person makes a budget, they often fail to adjust it when necessary.  A budget is created using a set of expenses and income figures that are liable to change.  As these figures do change, it is important that the budget changes to reflect the adjustments.  There could be some major deficits if this is not done appropriately and promptly.
Of course nobody forgets about Christmas or Hanukkah, however many people do not consider budgeting for holidays when creating a budget.  Therefore, adequate funds have not been set aside for presents, food, parties, etc.  These items should be factored in and saved for throughout the year.
Finally, many people factor in transportation and accommodations for vacations in their budget, however they underestimate money needed for food, entertainment, and spending money.  Keep in mind that all the resorts and tourists areas are double or triple what you would normally pay.With a little planning, you’ll be on your way to saving more money than you ever thought possible!

Easy Money-Saving Changes

One of the most obvious and easy ways to save some extra cash is to change some of the way you use products and items in your everyday life.  The key is to make minor changes.
For instance, always buy the cheapest hand soap you can find.  The quality doesn’t necessarily go up with the price and you can use it in place of ‘bath soap.’  Always use the whole product.  Turn bottles upside down and drain to get the last bit from them.  Tear open sugar and flour sacks to get everything; squeeze or cut open tubes to use it all before running out to buy more.  You’ll be surprised at how much there really is left!
Also, never use more than you need.  Just because it says on the box that you need a full cup, doesn’t mean that you really do it need it.  Half a measure of laundry detergent and a half teaspoon of dish soap are examples of what are usually enough, rather than what the manufacturer says.
To save some cash, you can use some of the things in your house in some unique ways.  Instead of spending lots of money on the fancy floor cleaners, try using ammonia.  It does a great job, and you can use plain water in between times.  If your furniture needs some polishing, mix equal parts of white vinegar and vegetable oil and rub on the furniture.  Buff with a cloth until it shines.
For a freezer bag, use empty chip bags and close with masking taps.  Also try a bowl with a lid, such as a margarine tub.
If your skin is feeling a little dry, there are several substitutes for expensive lotion.  Petroleum jelly rubbed into your hands at night after a warm water soak, mayonnaise (rinse w/ cold water after), or any other oil based food.  Just be sure to put it on immediately after your hands have been in water.
To save some money on laundry, dissolve a bar of handsoap in water to replace laundry detergent.  Add three gallons of hot water, mix thoroughly and add a cup of washing soda.
Sure, these are small changes, but added up, they can put some extra change into your pocket throughout the year.
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Georgia Middle Market Firms Undergoing Transformational Change – Latest Data from American Express and Dun & Bradstreet


Of the 3,557 total middle market firms in Georgia, 462 (13%) have been in business less than 10 years – slightly above the national average. The fastest growing middle market segment within these younger firms is business services, and the breakdown of each state’s share of youngest middle market firms is indicative of their pace with larger national economic trends.

The latest Middle Market Power Index: Exploring Generational Changes In Middle Market Industries explores the noteworthy changes that the U.S. Middle Market (firms with revenues between $10 million and $1 billion) is going through, and what the changing interests among future entrepreneurs may mean for the economy at large. Additionally, it uncovers how the youngest middle market firms are being found in some states rather than others, and the effect that tenure has on middle market firm size and revenue.

Below is a table comparing Georgia’s number of middle market firms to national data, as well as how Georgia’s share of youngest and oldest middle market firms compares to the national average. Also included is a map of where the youngest and oldest middle market firms exist throughout the country.

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