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Getting a Better Understanding of Credit Scores and FICO Scores as it Relate to Risks


Borrowing a loan for a car, applying for a credit card, financing a home can be very challenging experiences for people all over the U. S. Specifically, because the approvals for each of these financial products can differ greatly from one institution to another. Leaving people like me and you very confused about what criterion is actually used to obtain any type of financial product. Typically, part of the confusion exist because the score that’s reported to these agencies can differ significantly from credit score institution to another. To that end, one of the first things to consider when looking at my credit history is finding out the distinctions between FICO and other credit score bureaus.




In the past, most people did not know what their credit score was or what it meant. These were normally selective criterion used in the background that people simply trusted as accurate. Today, with information being stolen and identity theft, people are starting to pay more attention to their records and how they affect them, With this being said, when trying to figure out how my credit score stacked up with others and the applications that I submitted, the process seamed to get more confusing. Specifically, because the application process for different banks and credit unions are not the same or similar in some cases. For instance, when applying for a car loan, the credit bureaus that were used was either Equifax, TransUnion or Experian. All of which are more commonly known by the average person that frequents the Internet for their information.


Unfortunately, because these bureaus calculate their scores differently, it is also difficult to anticipate which score will be used for my car loan. So, when trying to get ahead of the game by gathering any information that can jeopardize getting the vehicle loan, I would also have to find out which credit score the dealer or credit union used to approve or reject the loan. Compounding these problems was the fact that some people said that my FICO score would be used in these calculations instead of the data that Experian, TransUnion or Equifax had on file. Meaning this score could also be different and the decision would be made off a credit score that I could not verify quickly before being turned down,


So, with this in mind, I started to conduct a little extra research about FICO scores and how they affect the overall approval process of loans. Based on the information that I found, FICO has been around for approximately 25 years so it is relatively new in the game. Even though it existence can only be dated back to this time frame, it is also important to note that the FICO® Score is actually used by 90 % of lenders. So, this is information that must be taken into consideration when applying for any kind of loan. By reviewing and understanding this system in advance, people will get a better understanding of how they are viewed as a potential credit risk and why their loan applications were denied, even when their Experian and Equifax credit scores appeared to be high enough.

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How to Overcome a Financial Setback


Successful personal financial management is a delicate balancing act. Not only does daily spending require you to make the most of your household resources, but you are also vulnerable to unexpected expenses. Effective budgeting and spending discipline keep you on track under normal circumstances, but what’s your best approach when major expenditures hit out of nowhere?

Unfortunately, even the best financial planning cannot account for future spending. As a result, cash flow falters when extraordinary costs set in. Home repairs, health emergencies, employment irregularities and other financial challenges are beyond your control, but there are steps you can take to soften the blow when hardship strikes. In fact, you can start hedging against financial distress today.

Maintain a Household Emergency Fund – Though it is easier said the done, at times, the importance of maintaining back-up resources cannot be overemphasized. Even if you can only manage to set-aside a small deposit from each paycheck, you’ll be better off when financial setbacks arise. Whenever possible, use automated withdrawals to ensure your emergency fund grows over time. And always sequester the money from your regular household cash flow, to minimize the likelihood you’ll spend it on bills and groceries. More than one-quarter of Americans don’t have any savings reserved for a rainy day, so you are not alone if your resources lag behind ideal financial health. Fortunately it is never too late to start contributing to a household contingency fund – and though rates are low, your savings will grow as it gains interest.


Use Credit Discretion – Borrowing enables lifestyles we’d not afford without outside funding. Homes, cars and other major purchases would not be possible without financing, which also extends to day-to-day purchases. Protecting your positive credit rating is an essential aspect of your personal financial health, giving you access to financing when it’s needed.

Credit card accounts, loans, and other important credit relationships are especially important during periods of financial distress, when cash flow interruptions can occur. Personal loans and other forms of short-term financing, for instance, fill the gap when financial distress muddles your monetary outlook. If a loan is needed, compare rates and terms online, selecting repayment terms you can afford. The key to moving beyond a temporary financial setback is maintaining discretion, so your debt remains manageable as you stabilize cash flow.

Earn More – Each person’s budget is unique, but managing personal finances always boils down to balance. To achieve long-term financial stability, your outgoing spending obligations mustn’t exceed your income. Maintaining a balanced budget ensures daily expenses are covered and creates surpluses, which can be invested for the future. If your household budget consistently falls short on the supply-side, there are only two ways to achieve equilibrium. Either cost-cutting measures can be used to bring expenses in-line with income, or you can bring in more money, to offset the shortage.

Earning more is not a novel concept – most wish their bosses would share greater wealth. Salary increases aside, there are other creative ways to make more money.


Consulting Opportunities – Provided there is no conflict of interest with a current or former employer, shopping your expertise may result in added income. Retirees with decades of experience are particularly well-suited for part-time consulting employment. Your creativity is the only limitation, so put your skills to work for hire. Accounting specialists, for instance, commonly prepare tax returns to earn extra money during the filing season. And teachers serve as tutors, during summer months, to add cashflow.

Hone Your Skills – Marketability is closely tied to income, so expanding your skill set may be all that’s needed to raise your earning power. In fact, some employers pay for training, so moving to a more lucrative position is often possible, without changing employers.

Spend Less – Money saved is like added income, so when financial difficulties arise it is essential to measure every purchase. For help enduring hard times, redouble household budgeting efforts, with an eye toward reducing waste. By tightening up energy use, grocery spending and travel costs, you’ll see immediate savings and feel as though you’ve earned a pay raise.

Unexpected financial hurdles are a natural part of personal money management. While these short-term difficulties can set you back, there are steps you can take to head-off lasting problems. Your chances are best with an emergency fund in place, to draw from when costs arise. But even when financing is required to get back to firm ground, affordable funding is available to meet your need for cash. Use it wisely, or better yet, establish a supplemental income stream to fortify your household earnings.

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Beginner’s Guide to Using a DSLR for Blog Photography

DSLR Camera for Blog

Those days are gone when people used to take photos on their mobile phones to use it for their blogs. But recently, to survive in this competitive market bloggers use ideal professional photography for their blogs. A blog works well if it accompanies good content with quality pictures. Not everyone who owns a DSLR is a photographer. If the camera is used the right way, one can do a lot better. So if you wish to learn the basics of blog photography, here is the guide for you.

Learn about the settings

We often tend to avoid reading the manual for devices like mobile phones, but it goes without saying that to understand the capabilities of a DSLR, it is important to read the manual nicely and to understand the things properly. Learn about the settings, features and controls and therefore acquaint yourself well with the camera. Not every DSLR have the same features. So look out for the special and specific features for every camera to gain mastery over it.

Know about the shooting modes

There is no doubt that one can click quality pictures in the auto mode but if you have a DSLR, it is for a better reason. Choosing the manual mode will provide you with hands-on experience and control to deal with the photographs. While auto mode is simple as you require to point and shoot but to use a manual mode, you will need to gain knowledge of exposure, aperture, ISO and shutter speed. You can find amazing shopclues coupons with great discounts while you shop online for a DSLR.

Understanding exposure

Without lighting or exposure, your DSLR cannot make a huge difference in the photographs. Light being the key element, it either leads to the making of a good photograph or breaks it. So, it is of vital importance for you to understand exposure. According to the light situation, you can play with the shutter speed, ISO and aperture of the DSLR that can directly adjust the exposure of the photograph.

Raw vs. Jpeg

Choosing the ‘jpeg’ file as your option, you allow the camera to process the data to an image file. Once the image file is ready and is transferred to the computer, you have less control of editing the photo. But what happens in a raw format? Shooting a picture in the raw format lets you preserve the data and allows good flexibility. When transferred to the computer, the data is processed in a high quality as compared to the ‘jpeg’ format. Working in a raw format will definitely let you play around with the editing of the image.

Now that you know the basics of shooting with a DSLR, all you need to do is practice and keep practising as only practice can make you acquire the art of photography at its best. Observe the changes and differences of shooting in different modes and settings. Using the Amazon promo code, you can select and purchase the best DSLR you will be requiring for your blogs. Have fun while you learn and click incredible photographs!

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How Google AMP Is Changing Mobile Browsing

Speed has always been a big concern on the internet. It is an even larger concern when it comes to mobile browsing. Mobile device users are typically on the go and want their content to load immediately. Speed is paramount to their experience. Since mobile device ownership has already surpassed PC ownership, website owners have to take this metric into consideration if they want to be successful.
What can you do to keep your site up to par in terms of speed, especially on mobile devices? This is a question you should be asking yourself if you want to establish or maintain a ranking in Google’s search results. The solution may actually come from Google itself in the form of Google AMP.

What Is Google AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. The AMP project is all about improving the speed of web pages on mobile devices. It is an architectural framework that consists of three components used to create and display websites with speed. The three components are AMP JS, AMP HTML, and the AMP Cache hosted on Google servers.
For the most part, sites are built using AMP HTML and then stored in the Google AMP cache. The cache is optional, but it definitely helps in terms of speed and has some additional benefits for marketers that are covered later.


The Source Of The Speed

Sites built using the AMP framework are built around several restrictions. These restrictions are implemented for the sake of improving speed and to make the site accessible on all platforms. For example, most JavaScript is not allowed, with a few exceptions. This should not come as a surprise since it has been known that JavaScript slows down page loading significantly.
AMP HTML is basically just HTML without all of the extra stuff that hinders fast loading times. It is still possible to design a perfectly acceptable web page, you just have to use a stripped down version of HTML with very few tags. Some tags that are missing include:
– Video tags
– Audio tags
– Embed tags
– Form tags
They supplement some areas by adding their own unique AMP tags to the framework. There are amp-video and amp-img tags that allow AMP to deliver media only when it is required by the browser.
Yes, this will create some new difficulties for publishers, marketers, and developers. However, the end result is a leaner, faster website. Google claims that pages built using the AMP framework will load four times as fast and utilize only a fraction of the data used by pages without AMP. (

A Boost From The AMP Cache

Stripped down HTML is not enough to encourage marketers and website owners to start creating AMP pages. They could just use bare minimum HTML themselves and not worry about conforming to new standards. Google makes the project worthwhile by implementing the Google AMP Cache server.
The server works as a content delivery network for pages that are built using the AMP framework. It caches the pages, automatically improves their performance, and pre-renders the pages before displaying them to browsers. When combined with AMP HTML this equates to lightning-fast loading times rarely seen elsewhere.

Benefits For Marketing

Is speed “that” important? Some studies have shown that improving site speed can increase organic traffic by as much as twenty percent due to increased rankings.( Other studies have shown even higher percentages.
Google has explicitly stated that they take page speed into consideration in the ranking process. If they care about speed, then you should too.
There is an additional benefit that comes from using AMP pages in conjunction with the Google AMP Cache server. Google has changed the way they prioritize mobile search results. AMP pages will now take priority and appear at the top of the search results page on mobile devices. This change alone will have a monumental impact on mobile SEO efforts across the globe and will require marketers to begin using AMP if they want to stay on top.

Now Is The Time

While it is true that not every developer fully supports Google’s attempt at simplifying the web, there is no denying that it will become an important part of web development and marketing efforts for years to come. Now is the time to start creating AMP-optimized pages.

Brock Hamilton is a successful entrepreneur and internet marketer. To read about the latest tips and advice on boosting your income visit his site, today.

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2 Clinical Outreaches Changed By Technology

clinical outreach

The advent of the internet as well as smartphones, tablets, and laptops has brought drastic changes to the way each individual lives their life. Long phone conversations seem to be a thing of the past and your social circle is no longer limited geographically. One sector that has shown incredibly promising change is that of clinical outreach.

Clinical outreach could encompass a number of different sectors, but is essentially improving access so people can get the help they need. Whether this is beginning an addiction treatment program or finding pregnancy help options, people can now reach out without leaving the comfort of their home. Included here are a few areas that are able to give direct help to clients in need.

Substance Abuse Help

When it comes to a problem with a stigma attached, substance abuse may top the list. Those who suffer with a drug or alcohol problem are often ashamed of their disease or find themselves in denial that they have a problem. One way clinics are able to get these individuals to seek help and get out of their rut is through online outreach.

For instance, an individual who is questioning their daily booze intake, may Google the appropriate amount of alcohol per day. The fourth link down on the page will lead you to this site which talks about reducing your drinking and safe alcohol consumption. With a more pointed Google search addressing the need for help, you will get results for countless rehab centers and clinical programs in your area. Without leaving your home, you can find out if your insurance is accepted and you are able to go to treatment.

The repercussions of this movement are astronomical. Many addicts will be able to follow a veritable trail of digital breadcrumbs towards getting the aid they need; all without enduring painful phone conversations or leaving their home. For many addicts, getting help is a matter of being in the right place at the right time, and the internet allows this opportunity to happen more frequently.

Crisis Pregnancy Aid

As long as there have been people, there have been crisis pregnancies. Becoming pregnant is a huge life change and impending parenthood is scary enough even when you are prepared. For those who were not expecting a baby, a pregnancy can seem like a traumatic event. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like this.

While the pro-choice movement has always been very vocal about the ease of an abortion, you may be questioning whether you really want to end that life. In this case, Googling pregnancy options could lead you to Human Coalition, where you are able to get a free test, ultrasound and find adoption options. Many women who are overwhelmed by the medical cost are delighted to find that the adoptive family may be able to foot their medical bills.

Imagine the relief a young woman feels when she can find a loving home for her child without having to make the heartrending decision for abortion. By having internet options available at the touch of a button, many young women can find answers to their pressing questions and feel empowered by their choice, instead of feeling that abortion was their only option.

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4 Tips For Running Your Business While Relocating

business moving

Moving is a challenge for businesses – both brick and mortar and online companies alike. Packing and relocating is a barrier to your day to day practices, and the entire process is expensive, a significant problem since moving cuts into profits as well.

With proper planning, however, it’s possible to execute a move without completely shutting down. Here are 4 tips for a smoother – and less costly – move.

Eliminate The Excess

Not everything in your current office needs to move to the new one. Take a serious look at your current space and at your plans for the new one. If you’re buying new computers or new office chairs, obviously you don’t need to pack those things. Anything you can do without simply toss. When you occupy a space for a long time, junk builds up. Don’t take that junk with you.

Start Early

When planning your move, the first thing to do is assess what office materials you can do without for an extended period. Do you have boxes of old files stored in the closet that you can set aside for a few weeks? Assess your office and flag everything from office art to archived files for storage. These are the items to start moving early.

Put these office extras into storage, but don’t eat up your work day doing it. Instead, take advantage of the computerized gate access that many storage facilities offer. Get your team to drop these extras off on their way home. These will also be the last things you pick up after moving into your new space.

Go Social

Social media marketing is easy and inexpensive and it’s a great way to keep things moving while you’re on the move. Focus on producing a great social media campaign for the period while you’re moving. Interact with your clients and give them a sense of your post-move plans. This sets the stage and provides momentum during a time when your other efforts may be limited.

Expert Organizing

One of the worst things about moving is that everything seems to get lost or buried. This can be a nightmare when you’re trying to get your business up and running again. One way to avoid this is by setting aside the most important items in a “do not pack” pile. Then you can move these items yourself, keeping track of them every step of the way.

Don’t let moving spell disaster for your business. With proper organization and planning, your business can remain profitable during the transition. The final tip: make sure to hire movers, even if you’re only going a short distance. And just know that whatever your budget, it should probably be bigger – moving is pricy – but when you’re settled in your new space, it will all be worth it.

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Radical Technology Profits


The Profit Goldeneye

You Are Moments From Securing a Stake in 7,300 A.I.P. Patents!

Early Investors Could Earn a 6,642% Windfall From This Rare Opportunity!


Today you can take part in a special situation, the likes of which I have never seen before during my three-decade career in Silicon Valley.

Over just the last year, $8.5 billion in venture capital funding has flooded into Cognitive Sight innovations.

Everyone from Facebook to Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, and IBM are racing to release devices that tap into it.

Currently, Cognitive Sight is a $110 million industry. However, it’s about to explode.

By the end of next year, its total economic impact could multiply 1,590-fold, hitting $175 billion.

And in the coming years, the Financial Times is reporting that figure could surge to $20 trillion!

What makes this special situation so potentially lucrative is that it doesn’t matter which company is producing these Cognitive Sight devices…

They all have no choice but to turn to one technology – the A.I.P.

And one tiny firm controls 7,300 A.I.P. patents.

In a truly unprecedented move, this firm is letting everyday investors secure stakes in their patents.

And there is one rule that always rings true in technology:

The money follows the patents.

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific’s patent pipeline delivered 1,196% gains for shareholders.
  • Stakes in NetApp’s patent pipeline returned a 2,075% payday.
  • ASML Holdings’ patent pipeline created a 2,531% windfall for investors.

Each of these companies was a leader in one industry.

But thanks to their A.I.P. patents, this tech firm has already negotiated deals with the leading players in 20 multibillion-dollar industries.

Which is why this opportunity is bigger than Thermo Scientific Fisher, NetApp, and ASML Holdings… COMBINED!

When you reserve one of the 500 lifetime Radical Technology Profits memberships I’m making available today, I will rush you a personal copy of my “A.I.P. Prospectus.”

It will reveal how you can take part in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  • One Investment
  • 7,300 Patents
  • A Potential 6,642% Windfall

I believe this special situation places you in a better position than Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, and the countless other venture capital heavyweights who are angling to get in on the ground floor of Cognitive Sight.

And the wealth that is going to be created from this high-tech gold rush is nearly unfathomable.

Think about the impact Cognitive Sight will have just on our healthcare industry.

And its potential for transforming the way we treat extreme vision impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, autism, and so much more.

When it comes to special situations like this, history has been pretty clear.

Breakthrough medical treatments lead to massive windfalls.

  • Ocata Therapeutics developed a revolutionary treatment for macular degeneration that helped drive their stock up 2,536% in only six months.This gave investors the chance to grow a $5,000 stake into as much as $131,800.
  • Forest Laboratories patented a treatment for moderate Alzheimer’s. It was a major catalyst for its share price surging 1,153%.A $5,000 stake in Forest Laboratories could have returned $62,650.
  • Cadila Pharmaceuticals stock has shot up as much as 3,415%, thanks in large part, to its Parkinson’s treatment.A $5,000 stake in Cadila Pharmaecuticals could have rewarded shareholders with a $175,750 windfall.

Each of these treatments focused on one disease.

Cognitive Sight devices though have the potential to treat them all.

Altogether, the medical industry presents a $1.23 trillion opportunity.

And these “patent stakes” could get you a piece of it all.

But medical applications are just the tip of the iceberg.

  • According to Forbes, there is $2 trillion in play with the automotive industry.Fortunately, this firm has already inked deals for their patented technology with 50 car manufacturers including Audi, Tesla, and BMW.So as our cars continue to get “smarter,” your “patent stakes” will only get more valuable.
  • There is $71.3 billion out there for the taking in the personal computing industry.Sony, Apple, Microsoft, HP, and Toshiba have already signed up for this firm’s patented technology.And 2.6 billion computers, phones, and tablets are set to come equipped with an A.I.P. this year.

In the A.I.P. Prospectus, I will take you through this firm’s technology and its executive team.

I’ll review the deals they’ve inked with companies spanning over 20 multibillion-dollar industries, including Apple, Intel, Amazon, Cisco, IBM, Sony, Microsoft, Google, and more.

And most important, I’ll give you step-by-step instructions regarding how you can secure stakes in this firm’s 7,300 patents.

It’s easy and only takes a few minutes. You can do it over the phone or online.

Now, it goes without saying that quadruple-digit gains like 6,642% are rare and truly exceptional.

And like any investment, this does carry risk. Nothing is ever guaranteed.

Which is why the A.I.P. Prospectus examines multiple scenarios behind the future growth of this technology. And this will take you right to the most exciting part of this special situation.

I’ll lay out a three-year timeline for this opportunity where you could transform…

  • Every $500 you invest into $33,710…
  • Every $5,000 into $337,100…
  • Every $15,000 into $1,011,300.

I Will Rush You the A.I.P. Prospectus When You Accept a Lifetime Subscription to Radical Technology Profits.

Radical Technology Profits is your all-access pass to the world of venture capital.

And we’re going to get started immediately.

Today, you will receive the A.I.P. Prospectus. However, over the next three days I’m also going to send you three special investment briefings that I’m putting the finishing touches on.

Special Investment Briefing #1:
The $39 Billion Regenerative Medicine Revolution
This $4 Biotech Stock Could Multiply Your Wealth 13-fold

This $4 biotech stock has pioneered a treatment known as biologic implants, where human tissue is implanted into different areas of a patient’s body to help them overcome severe spinal-cord injuries, pancreatic diseases, even heart attacks.

This is a $39 billion market, and this $4 stock could rise 1,300% or more!

Special Investment Briefing #2:
Virtual Reality 2.0: The Digital Gold Rush
Earn a 1,600% Windfall as VR Conquers Big Business

This $6 stock is staking its claim to what will soon be a $150 billion corporate virtual reality market.

They’ve inked deals with DHL, Lenovo, even DARPA. And Intel just acquired a small piece of the company.

This $6 stock is primed to surge 1,600%.

Special Investment Briefing #3:
The Tiny Powerhouse Behind the Semiconductor Craze
Capture 500% on the Small Cap Firm Bringing Trillions of Chips to the Market

I’m targeting a $10 stock that has developed a process I call “Photonic Chip Imprinting.”

By next year, over 1 trillion semiconductors will be produced.

And to hit this mark, the biggest firms need this tiny company’s technology.

Which is why Samsung, LG, Micron Technologies, Intel, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments are all turning to them.

They are tiny now, but their share price could be 500% higher in a year!

By Filling Out The Short Form Below, You’ll Get Immediate Access To:

  • The A.I.P. Prospectus
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As a member, you will receive:

  • Digital Research Prospectuses on Unconventional Investment Opportunities I am constantly meeting with Silicon Valley, C-Level execs behind the billion-dollar companies of the future.

    And this allows me to present you with special situations that could rapidly grow your net worth.

    For instance, today you will have the chance to secure a stake in 7,300 A.I.P. patents.

    In another digital prospectus, I revealed how I worked with the founder of a Silicon Valley venture capital firm to recommend an opportunity to secure a direct “partnership slot” in his company.

    Through this arrangement, Radical Technology Profits members were able to acquire ownership stakes in over two dozen pre-IPO startups under special terms.

    Some of the big names include DocuSign, the legal document verification company, whose valuation has risen eight-fold.

    That’s the equivalent of turning a $2,000 stake into $16,000.

    And Jawbone, whose value has risen 61-fold.

    That’s enough to turn a $5,000 stake into $305,000!

    Initially, I was only able to share this opportunity with a few of our readers.

    However, I’ve pulled some strings and can green light sending my digital prospectus to you.

    If you claim one of the 500 lifetime memberships to Radical Technology Profits, you’ll receive instructions for securing your direct ownership stake in this venture capital firm!

  • Three Investment Briefings Every Month
    Along with the digital prospectuses, you will also receive an average of three investment briefings each month.
  • Instant Sell Alerts to Capture Maximum Gains
    Whenever it’s time to exit a position and capture your gains, you’ll be emailed an instant sell alert.
  • Cell Phone Notifications
    I’ve created a cell phone alert system that notifies you whenever I’ve released a new investment opportunity or instructions to sell one of our positions.
  • Weekly Progress Reports
    I’ll keep you up to speed on any major updates, projections, and profit milestones with our positions.
  • Exclusive Digital Interviews With the C-Level Execs Involved in Our Investment Opportunities
    I will record interviews with the major influencers in our investment opportunities. For instance, today you will receive an interview I conducted with one of the leading producers of Cognitive Sight headsets.
  • Unlimited Access to the Radical Technology Profits Members’ Website
    You will have around-the-clock access to every trade alert, intelligence briefing, and a 24/7 performance tracker.
  • VIP Concierge Service
    You will have over 20 highly qualified professionals dedicated to helping you with your membership.
  • Exclusive Video Training Series
    Each week, for your first month on board, I’ll send you a new training video to help you gain a thorough understanding of how I vet technology companies.

The regular price for just a one-year membership to Radical Technology Profits is $4,000.

But for the first 500 people who act today, here’s what I’m going to do…

Step 1: I’m Going to Authorize a $1,500 Discount!

Now, you can do whatever you want with this money.

My hope is that you use it to secure stakes in those 7,300 A.I.P. patents.

If you do, that $1,500 could grow into $101,130!

But I’m still not finished.

Step 2: I’m Going to Upgrade You to a LIFETIME Membership for FREE.

That means for one subscription payment of $2,500, you can become a lifetime member to Radical Technology Profits.

You will never have to make that payment again. Not in Year 2, 5, or 10.

And it still gets better.

Not only is your membership valid for the rest of your life, I’ve also added a special “legacy clause” that allows you to pass it down to your children if you like.

All that’s required is an annual $249 maintenance fee. And I’ve already covered the first year for you.


Two Powerful 100% Money-Back Guarantees Protect You Over the Short Term and Long Run!

Guarantee #1: I’ll refund every penny of your subscription during the next 30 days for any reason whatsoever. No questions asked.

Guarantee #2: If one year from today I haven’t given you the chance to at least double your money on at least 10 investment opportunities, contact my team and I will give you a 100% refund!


Hurry, I Cannot Extend This Offer Beyond the First 500 People Today!

Claim Your Membership Slot Below

You may also contact member services at 855.509.6600 or 443.353.4770 (International) Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. (ET).

I look forward to working with you.

To Your Success,

Michael Robinson
Founder, Radical Technology Profits

(No debit cards please.) When you buy a lifetime subscription to Radical Technology Profits, you will be charged $2,500. Every year after, we will automatically charge your credit card for the maintenance fee of $249. You will receive at least one reminder before this fee is auto-renewed. This auto-renew feature does not obligate you in any way. You may opt out of auto-renew at any time after this purchase. You will still have the next 30 days to review Radical Technology Profits risk-free.


The Term is 52 months .

Price: US$ 2,500.00

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Your Promotion Code is: WTIMS504

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Medical Apps And HIPAA Compliance: What You Need To Know


We do everything on our phones these days, and that includes accessing our medical records and test results and messaging our physicians. But with this mobile convenience comes a number of concerns about privacy, particularly regarding HIPAA and HITECH compliance. In order to remain in compliance with these regulations, a high level of security is vital.

Doctors, patients, and program designers all need to be aware of what makes electronic medical records (EMR) and medical apps HIPAA compliant. Convenience is great, but data security is more important.

Emphasis On Encryption

Proper encryption of digital content may be the most important aspect to maintaining patient privacy. HITECH regulations require doctors to embrace EHR, using digital means to transmit prescriptions and giving patients access to medical records over the internet. This level of access may seem like it’s creating risk rather than reducing it, but when implemented properly, EHR are safer than paper record.

Proper implementation, however, focuses on encrypting records and features like two-factor authentication. By using strong passwords and ID-verifying precautions, patients can safely access their records without worrying that they’ll fall into the wrong hands.

Medical Apps Or Support Apps

When assessing the security of an app, it’s important to differentiate between officially sanctioned and protected medical apps and apps focused on well being that are not regulated by HIPAA. Support programs used by recovering alcoholics, for example, are not governed by HIPAA and HITECH, but may request medical information to guide users through the process.

On the other hand, medical apps used by your doctor to provide test results or for patient portal communications are governed by HIPAA. These programs use password protections and information encryption to protect sensitive information.

Demands For Developers

If you’re a physician or developer, there are certain security touchpoints you should be aware of. Developers should be sure to restrict medical app permission to avoid interaction between medical information and social media or email. Additionally, medical apps should never offer push notifications as these can violate privacy protections. Push notifications may seem like an ideal way to give patients up to the minute information about their health, but personal medical information should never be visible as alerts on the lock screen of the phone.

All developers also need to work within business associates agreements if they’re to be considered HIPAA compliant. Such an agreement restricts all app procedures to the rules doctors must also follow. As part of handling protected health information, developers join forces with medical professionals in regard to the importance of privacy.
EHR and medical apps are making the lives of both patients and doctors easier, but their development has also raised new questions about security in the digital age. These changes mean a dramatic shift in practices – app developers must become experts in medical law and patients must emphasize the value of their privacy in an era of sharing. What successful collaboration shows, however, is that access and privacy are not opposites, but carefully balanced goods in the world of medicine.

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New Technology, New Rules of Etiquette


The rules of etiquette are some of the most important things for you to follow during the general course of your life, but it’s important to note than those rules are adaptive. They change over time. They change with different cultures and geography. And they change as new technology (especially communication technology) enters into the daily connection sphere.

So all those you may be a king or queen of etiquette when it comes to the old guard, when new methods of communication come around (ushered in by the computer and mobile revolutions, for example) then there’s going to be some relearning to do. To illustrate, consider the specific examples of email, social media, online forums, text messaging, and voice mail.

Email Etiquette

The rules of email are interesting because they’re often subtle and unspoken, and can change rapidly depending on individual situations. The rules between friends are different than the rules between people doing business. And then there are relationships to consider like student to teacher, or from advertiser to potential client. Because emotion conveys particularly poorly in the email format, make sure you double check your tone before sending out emails that might have unintended consequences.

Social Media Etiquette

And when you try to figure out social media rules, you’ll find that with each new social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) the process is slightly different. Once again, you have to have a strong comprehension of people in which sphere of your life have access to your public messages (consider fellow students, or only family members), and that will require you to adjust some of your language and formatting simply for the sake of politeness and the desire not to offend or give off too much information.

Forum Etiquette

Online forums are an interesting beast on their own as well. If you’ve ever tried to interact on Reddit, you’ll find that if you say the wrong things in the wrong place, you can get jumped on by a lot of people who immediately focus on you as an outsider.

Text Etiquette

Text messaging between two people has a strong flow of etiquette in it as well. Times that you can text, how often you should ask questions, how quickly you should respond, and if emojis are expected in order to convey emotion are all part of the etiquette you have to understand in order to communicate effectively these days.

Voice Mail Etiquette

Voice mail is an interesting topic in today’s communication world because for the most part, people prefer not to ever check their messages. They expect that if you have something important to say, you’ll text in order to ensure that communication gets across, but voicemails are for nonessential stuff.

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Money, Technology, and the Fitness Models They Can Produce

woman lying on the floor with tablet pc

You can accomplish a lot of things when you mix money and technology together, in any industry if the focus is tight enough on a single concept. And that goes true with something like fitness modeling as well, as far down on the list as that sub-genre is going to take you.

To illustrate that point, consider combining money and technology to produce some of the most attractive female fitness models in the industry, through the pathway of starting at the end, researching fitness technology, seeing how much personal training money can buy, checking out how much it costs to eat health, and noting the benefits at the end of this particular journey.

Start At the End

First, feel free to check out the hottest female fitness models on the planet right now. And the think about how they got there. Are they athletes? Do they have sponsors? Did the figure out how to shape and tone themselves on their own? How much of their appearance comes naturally, and how much was worked for? You see the end result, but now you want to know how they got there …

Fitness Technology

At the core of the fitness model, is fitness technology. Because of science, because of analytics of the human body over time and through certain types of exercises, fitness technology just keeps getting better, and that includes both in terms of top-of-the-line equipment, and how hard you should use that equipment (think interval training and the science of heart rate, perspiration rate, calorie-burning equations, etc.) and to what degree. And every single human body is different, but now appropriate diagnostics can create perfect fitness plans for anyone.

Money For Personal Training

And to get to the level of perfection that fitness models need in order to be competitive in their industry, they have to spend the money on a personal trainer. Because the thing is, if you’re trying to be a model, you don’t have time to learn to be a trainer as well, so it makes far more sense, logically and financially, to pass that responsibility on to an expert.

Nutrition of the Highest Order

And good food is expensive! Top fitness models have to eat the best of the best, which means there isn’t going to be a whole lot of hitting up the local fast food joints in their respective area. They’re most likely going to either have personal chefs or really know their bodies well enough to do some home cooking when they aren’t training.

Benefits At the End of the Tunnel

One intriguing factor of this combination of money and technology when it comes to creating these fitness models, is that if you’re good enough at the end, you get paid enough by sponsors and such to afford to buy that technology that you use!

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